Slingshot Guillotine Hurts To Watch

Joerg Sprave “Crazy Slingshot Guy” never ceases to amaze me.

I love how excited he gets when it split the coconut and he likened that to splitting a zombie skull. haha

I propose using this slingshot as new form of capital punishment. The gravity operated guillotine wasn’t cool enough.


4 responses to “Slingshot Guillotine Hurts To Watch”

  1. ozwald Avatar

    darpa needs to collaborate with this guy.

  2. Why does this guy really freak me out?

  3. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    How does he think up all this stuff?
    Does he have a day job? Does he work for the CIA or something?

  4. Vhyrus Avatar

    I want to see FPSRussia do a video with this guy.

    “Hullo! Dis iz eff pee ess Russia, ond today I hcave Crazee fucking Ghurmon wit me….”