Miniature Russian WWII Dioramas

The attention to detail is incredible:

Plenty more pictures to check out over at the Russian photo blog – HERE 


5 responses to “Miniature Russian WWII Dioramas”

  1. Frankly they are quite poor examples of scale models compared to what is out there.

    Have a look at these galleries, there are countless examples of much better crafted models:

    more galleries:

  2. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    It still doesn’t look too bad. Interesting though.

  3. Part of me thought I’d see a pic of a much younger George Dzundza being lowered from a rope during the siege of Stalingrad to plant explosives on the tops of the tanks… :(

  4. Old Goat Patrol Avatar
    Old Goat Patrol

    Some of the dioramas in the galleries are 25-35 years old. I remember them from when I had a bedroom half full of 1/35th scale tanks.

  5. Riccardo Avatar

    The second one is ridicolous