Police Officer Threatens CCW Holder’s Life Numerous Times On Video

Thank god for cameras.  This took place on June 8th, 2011 in Canton, OH:

This is just a disaster right from the beginning.  The tone that officer uses right from the beginning and the way he acts the whole time is just a typical god complex… then when the guy in the car tries to tell him about his CCW at 6:05 and gets interrupted things go downhill fast shortly after that.

Officer: Why do you keep having that? What is this? (referring to card in the guy’s hand)

Guy: Because I have a concealed carry…

Officer: Do you have a weapon on you?

Guy: Yes sir.  That’s why…


Then the fun begins…

Random insults, beating threats, shooting threats, execution threats… you know pretty routine stuff :roll: .   You gotta watch the video.

I say this all the time, but people that obviously can’t handle their jobs should just quit, or be forced to quit them.  I don’t care if your’re a cop, a waitress, or if you work serving icecream.  Your job is too serve the public… not treat the public like shit.  It’s especially bad in the case of the police that don’t follow the rules, because they have the power to make your life hell.

Summary of what happened – HERE

Read the discussion over at Ohio CCW forums – HERE

What do you guys think?

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54 responses to “Police Officer Threatens CCW Holder’s Life Numerous Times On Video”

  1. This jackboot thug scumbag needs his own ass kicked. Repeatedly. And then, sent into general population in prison.

  2. I was following up on it, and I’m not sure, but I think OhioCCW posted the video and complaints on the Canton PD facebook, and they deactivated their account!

  3. Wowwow Avatar

    Officer friendly there is going to get himself killed, and not by some CC but a thug he thinks he can bully…
    Honestly that was classic how NOT to do a traffic stop.


    1. lone survivor Avatar
      lone survivor

      I think you mean Amerika.
      This is just another case of out of control, mentally unstable, psychotic, gestapo police.
      Oh yeah, they give him a few paid days of to go on vacation, so he can sit there masterbating and think up other ways to harass and threating citizens.

  5. (possible) pimp and known prostitute: we oughta let them go. Citizen with legal concealed carry: should have shot this guy, but we’ll just take him to jail.

    Interested to see how this plays out in court. I like to think we’ve come a long way since LA 1992, but police may still be above the law.

    1. UPDATE:
      Canton Police announced Thursday that the officer was relieved of all duties in June following an internal investigation complaint filed in this matter. The local Canton Repository has done some additional investigatory work into the officers and an excellent analysis of the video / audio we posted. The video and story has gone both viral and national crossing over to websites not typically affiliated with the pro-gun movement. Shortly after 7:00pm Thursday our website could no longer handle the volume of visitors we were receiving. We promptly quadrupled the resources behind OhioCCW.org in light of the popularity of this story.

      SOURCE: http://ohioccw.org/201107214955/cantonpd.html

      1. Soless Avatar

        The Officer got what he deserved. In fact he should never be able to work as a LEO anywhere ever again. That has an excellent example of how not to be a cop. Not just the A-hole attitude, but for the lack of safety and abuse of the legal system. His partner is just as stupid. If his partner is still LEO, he 1) Needs to get regular excercise and diet healthy and 2) Never leave the desk he should be working at.

        1. DaveP. Avatar

          “In fact he should never be able to work as a LEO anywhere ever again.”
          Probably, he won’t.
          Look at it like this: you’re a Chief somewhere, you have an applicant for a patrolman’s position, you run his name through Google just on GP… and THIS pops up. Do you really want that kind of liability walking around where it can splash on YOUR career?

    2. I like to think we’ve come a long way since LA 1992, but police may still be above the law.

      The difference being that Rodney King was drunk off his ass, on parole for robbery, speeding through residential neighborhoods as he tried to flee from police, doing well over 100 miles an hour during the freeway portion of the chase, acted strangely when finally pulled over, started grabbing his ass, which prompted officers to think he was reaching for a weapon… I’m not implying that he deserved the beating he got, just that Rodney King is a piece of crap of a human being. Hell, he just got arrested again a little more than a week ago for driving under the influence. I just can’t find a whole lot of sympathy for him. The guy in this video, on the other hand, seems to be entirely cooperative.

      1. The American History X defense. I agree that Rodney was a scumbag, but I don’t think police should be judge, jury, and executioner. It looks pretty bad when some cops beat a guy that bad on video and are determined to be innocent. At least two of them got some justice later (after public outrage around the world). Gotta put pressure on our overlords!

  6. FlynnCastle Avatar

    Officer, do you have a dash cam? Yes. I plead the 5th. Take me to jail. You can talk to my lawyer. Plus you’re an asshole.

  7. Mr Maigo Avatar
    Mr Maigo

    Dumb ass KNOWS he’s mic’d and on camera, WTF? If he worked at a bank, I bet he’d be stupid enough rob it.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      I was thinking the same…how the heck do you let yourself get so stupid knowing you’re being recorded? Probably because he knew his police chief would turn a blind eye, until the video found its way to YouTube.

  8. You know towards the end when the cop says, “Nice gun too,” when talking about the driver’s weapon? It would have been perfect karmic justice if, at that very moment, that gun went off, pointed at his crotch, and obliterated anything that might have been down there.

  9. What-do-I-know-anyway? Avatar

    Oh buddy, that makes my blood boil! Does anybody know if this guy got an apology? It’s stuff like that that makes people distrust the police… I know it has changed my perspective.

    It’s embarrassing to admit I’m from Ohio after that…

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      Same here…I come from Ohio *AND* a long time Police/Military family – this guy gives both cops and Canton a bad name. He should be in jail himself for this, or at least severely fined, IMO. Not that it will happen, he’ll probably get a verbal warning or something stupid like that and be back on patrol next week.

  10. What a douche. Classic bully cop.

  11. I’m not an LE. Is there some kind of method of searching a vehicle in such a way that the driver is completely ignored/unsecured? I mean, if I was searching a vehicle, and I had a partner… one of us is going to be babysitting while the other searches. I don’t get it. It appears as though the LEs endangered themselves.

    1. Soless Avatar

      It’s common sense right? Unless you’re one of these two cops. It’s called cover and contact. You learn that at the academy from early on. They never even had a right to search the vehicle.

    2. DaveP. Avatar

      A couple of state troopers got killed just that way here in NC, back in the ’90s. They got preoccupied with the passenger and the driver pulled out a firearm and tagged them both. I was on speaking terms with a bunch of cops at the time and the running bet was that there was a massive wad of retraining coming down the pike for every officer who did traffic stops.

  12. 032125 Avatar

    “Conventionally, the state is defined as an agency with two unique characteristics. First, it is a compulsory territorial monopolist of ultimate decision-making (jurisdiction). That is, it is the ultimate arbiter in every case of conflict, including conflicts involving itself. Second, the state is a territorial monopolist of taxation. That is, it is an agency that unilaterally fixes the price citizens must pay for its provision of law and order.

    Predictably, if one can only appeal to the state for justice, justice will be perverted in favor of the state. Instead of resolving conflict, a monopolist of ultimate decision-making will provoke conflict in order to settle it to his own advantage. Worse, while the quality of justice will fall under monopolistic auspices, its price will rise. Motivated like everyone else by self-interest but equipped with the power to tax, the state agents’ goal is always the same: to maximize income and minimize productive effort.”

    – Hans-Herman Hoppe

    As an aside, I am glad to see that tin this case the howl from the public was loud enough to get through the thick skull of the state. They did not release these cops out of a sense of goodness or decency though, that I can assure you. They did it because the political consequences of not ejecting these monsters would have been to high.

  13. thank god for dash cams.

  14. All Police should act like this when it comes to CCW


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Funny how we have no other “good examples” besides one that happened in 2010! haha

    2. I wish we had more examples like this. Although I hope there are many Police Officers out there that still act like this and just haven’t been caught on video.

    3. sirkut Avatar

      Negative. For both of their safety the officer should have NEVER took that weapon out of it’s holster.

    4. The guy getting pulled over kind of sucks in that video, but at least he knew his rights. You can get out of so much police inconvenience by knowing your rights.

      Hats off to that cop (probably had to deal with much worse stuff as a marine than some guy with a holstered, licensed pistol).

    5. A cop that makes the profession look good and trustworthy!! Thanks for being one of the good ones!!!

    6. That officer deserves a parade. And the asshole cops have to mop up the shit from the horses and elephants behind him.

      1. You don’t have more examples like this because it’s not polarizing…. A vid of a cop doing his job right doesn’t go viral. Good news is not exciting news. I used to deal with CCW and open carry down in Texas all the time. I used to love it when they would say “oh BTW it’s loaded” to which I would reply “As it should be” or “well… it’s no use unloaded right?” I bet 99% of encounters between police and CCW holders go just fine, but it’s instances like the Canton thing that bring the shitstorm.

  15. Law Enforcing Officer (LEO) and Law Abiding Officer (LAO). I have often wondered which is more subjective, since the consistency of “enforcement” almost seems up to interpretation of whoever happens to be the officer at the scene.

    This Ohio officer should have charges brought up against him, as any civilian who dares to say those same-things to anyone would most likely be detained and/or have charges pressed asap.

    A demotion, suspension of pay, anger management, a desk job, AND jail intake/processing for a year or so will teach this guy immediately. This guy needs serious treatment, otherwise he could end up like Dan White.

  16. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    I hear he had just come from a local fast food establishment. They didn’t have a liter of cola.

    1. License and registration CHICKEN FUCKER!

  17. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    He had stopped by a donut shop just before this and found out that it was closed-so no donuts for him! Grrr, now hes madder than hell!

  18. Jeff Ramey Avatar
    Jeff Ramey

    finally some common sense comments! have seen this video on other forums and facebook.

  19. This just pisses me off

  20. Dashcam question:
    I realize that there are probaly hundreds of different law enforcement agencies across the US and not all gear is standard. I have to ask though. Can these dash cams be turned off or erased by the LEO’s? Are they turned on at every stop and is there a penalty for the LEO when there is missing footage from a dash cam?
    It really seems stupid that this cop would leave such incriminating footage available. Perhaps this stop is SOP for the Canton PD or at least for this officer.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      A lot (if not all now) of them are accessed by a key in the trunk of the cruiser, so the officer can not access it himself.

    2. In at least one case, the video was shot, but it was later deleted from the archives. A public records request showed it had been deleted too. This was in Seattle a few years back.

  21. Canton, Ohio is a shithole no doubt, this officer has probably had a rough career of having weapons pulled on him by perps so he probably has a vendetta against CCW holders, especially irresponsible ones. Coupled with the fact that the driver has an initially shady appearance coupled with the fact that he picked up a known prostitute and her pimp. BUT, niether him nor his partner followed proper procedure when searching the vehicle AND due to their aggressive, bullying attitudes, I feel that they are totally in the wrong. Apparently an attitude like that IS a problem with alot of male officers, as we’ve all seen before in other videos. The officer deserves more than what he got.

    1. I’d like to explain from my previous comment that I am not defending either officer in question here. When I see a situation like this, I like to look at it objectively, because I have been around many people of criminal nature who have spun an encounter with the police in their favor. I just can’t dismiss all police officers as jackbooted gestapo. I live in Youngstown, Ohio and I have seen the duality of police work firsthand, such as when I went to a trade school downtown for half a day for two years in high school. Our school security consisted of a local LEO, either city police or sherriff’s deputy. Usually it was the sherriff’s department’s Deputy Steve as we called. Everyone loved him, everyone thought he was a cool guy, and he genuinely was one of the friendliest officers I have ever met. Going to an inner city school however, fights would constantly break out, and Deputy Steve would rush in and mace everyone in the huddle without discrimination. Because when it comes to a group of violent, unruly teenagers who have NO respect of the law or fear for it’s consequences, how else are you going to break them up?

      Same instance at my home high school where I’d spent the other half of the day, we had a city officer, a big black guy whose name eludes me, but the same as Deputy Steve, everyone loved him and vice versa, he even had a nephew who went to school there. And when fights broke out he’d have to rush in and disperse the crowd with mace (and believe me, fights broke out many times a week there, especially at lunch) Infact when they folded a rival school into ours after closing the old one, we had atleast 6 cops in that building and a few of them were carrying bean bag rounds in the bandoleers on their belts incase fights broke out outside and they had to use their cruiser shotguns.

    2. As a real ex-officer in the US military, I think it is insulting to even refer to the a$$ clown as an officer. He is nothing but a common criminal that disgraces his profession and ultimately the law that he has sworn to uphold.

      1. As a real ex-officer in the US military, I think it is insulting to even refer to the a$$ clown as an officer…

        Do you also get all bent out of shape when crooked businessmen running large corporations hold the title “Chief Executive OFFICER“?

        1. Society and the police departments have slowly blurred the lines between the military and the police departments. To me there is a HUGE difference between these two. An officer in a corporation is not trying to be a wannabe Ranger/Seal. So no I don’t get upset at all by the title.

    3. this officer has probably had a rough career of having weapons pulled on him by perps

      I wouldn’t doubt that at all. And the whole situation is a little shady – known prostitute standing outside the car, pimp in the backseat, late at night. And it seems to me that the driver had plenty of opportunity to announce that he had a weapon. But, the idea that the officer has probably had weapons pulled on him before makes him look all that more retarded for not checking or securing the driver before climbing in the car to look around. His rant should have been something to the effect, “Oh, you’ve got a gun? You could have killed me and I’m such a dumbass I didn’t bother to ask or check before getting in the car with you.”

  22. SPC Fish Avatar
    SPC Fish

    i had heard about this story before but i just learned that it happened in my own town of canton. I am terribly angry at the way that was handled. this is a disgrace to the canton PD who has normally treated me fine. With my father being a former part-time stark county sherrif deputy and knowing sherrif Swanson i hope this gets resolved rather quickly and in the appropriate manner.

    i also hope someone kicks his ass later on and that they do a psych evaluation that shows he is too angry to own and carry a firearm himself

  23. Amazing….Shows how big a pu$$y this cop is. Notice he does turn into a compete a$$ until he has his gun and has him in cuffs. These stupid a$$holes should not even be allowed to walk the streets. They really are tough guys aren’t they, with the law and their guns strapped to themselves. Just little GI Joe wannabes, that run around like scared little boys. Very dangerous situation for them and for the gun carrying public, that actually might have been trained to use a gun as well. What happened to the cops that use to try to serve and protect? Now they walk around with their paramilitary haircuts and their sniper rifles, etc. Also, I find it hard to believe that this behavior, just started and isn’t somehow condoned by the little boy cops up in Canton Ohio.

  24. Ya know, im a police officer here on Brazil, and things here are pretty more ´wild´ on police aproachs.
    when u aproach any car here, we aproach with the guns on hand, givin the order loud and clear to everybody on the car, leave the car with both hands on the head. we order all of passager to make a line, and we make a personal search on EVERY ONE OF THEM. unless if they look like drug dealers or a family dad. when everybody is considered ´non-dangerous´ we ask the ´whys´ and ´whens´.

    i know in america the things are more ´functional and respecfull´ but this 2 dumbass officers could be killed on a second, if the poor driver was with other intentions. almost 10 minutes to search or ask about the gun.

    Here, we must use a strong verbal aproach too, but we always listen to what the suspect have to say.

    if anyone get intrested.. here we have a video of a true pursuit and aproach as we usually do here.
    the aproach was not becouse the pursuit.. ALL of aproachs are like this one.



  25. I would suggest that when this guy collects his payoff that he uses the officers badge number as his pin number. And buy a better and bigger gun. Don’t fire the officer he is a walking payday for us. Better than Obama’ stimulus deal.

  26. That cop should not even be a school crossing guard. That PD id going to have the balls sued of it and it is going to be a very quick win.

  27. BludBaut Avatar

    “As soon as I saw your gun I shoulda taken two steps back, pulled my glock 40, and just put ten bullets in your ass and lat you drop. And I wouldn’t of lost any sleep.”

    How strange. An honest cop who admits he’s an unconscionable murderer.

    I’ll bet you that he still is on duty. Murderers with badges are called “law enforcement officers” and their supervisors have no qualms about having murderers for cops.

    This is why we accuse them of thinking they are the law instead of being charged with enforcing the law. Murderers shouldn’t have badges.

  28. BludBaut Avatar

    “And he would have been a nice witness as I executed you because you’re stupid.”

    Here again we see a murderer’s confidence that his partner will lie under oath to cover his murder.

    Am I surprised that Obama cares nothing about this? Not one bit. Obama’s given hundreds of billions to bankers and cares nothing of the trillions missing and unaccounted for. Only a fool would think he cares anything about murderous cops.

  29. BludBaut Avatar

    “I’m gonna pull that car over. tow it and you’re going to jail every time.”

    Another admission that this crooked cop will fabricate charges “every time” and take a man to jail on trumped-up charges just because the cop is out of control and refuses to properly understand his responsibilities.

    This is law enforcement.

    I’ll bet his ONLY instruction and admonition from his superior was to “remember you’re being recorded.” Nah… probably not. Who’s going to enforce the law against a criminal cop?

    I’m an honest man but THIS is why I keep my distance from cops.