The Matrix Acapella Gun Sounds Lobby Scene

Definitely better than I expected it would be.

It was kinda wearing on me near the end of it though.


5 responses to “The Matrix Acapella Gun Sounds Lobby Scene”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    This is awesome. But i think i cracked a tooth clenching my teeth at how annoying it was. Whatever, totally worth it :3

    1. Andrew Avatar

      Agreed. I was entertained and extremely irritated all at once…

  2. Nice, I liked how he multitracked so that he could do spybreak by propellerheads (the song), and the gun sounds.

  3. Cameron Avatar

    at 00:49 it looks like his Scorpions are dropping rifle shells… why do I notice stuff like this? CURSE YOU INCONSISTENCIES!!

  4. Richard K Avatar

    Cameron- I caught that too, and I tho they most not be Skorpions. I have seen that movie and scene about 30 times- never noticed that.