Jello Shots – Mozambique Me With Deliciousness

One of many very realistic looking entries into a Brooklyn, NY jello mold competition.

If you check out the gallery, some of them are pretty disturbing, in a “i’d never eat that even if it is jello” type of way.

Some of the cartridges look like 9mm, although others look very enlongated.  Maybe it was the way they were taken out of the mold that stretched them though *shrug*.  What do you guys think?


6 responses to “Jello Shots – Mozambique Me With Deliciousness”

  1. 9mm jello over penetrates my stomach wall, so I prefer 5.56 jello. Sure the 9mm jello has its place, but the 5.56 is just a better overall jello for tactical jello applications.

    1. Fiendir Avatar

      But the 7.62×51 jello packs such a punch that I just can’t get enough of it, and it’s all good and old fashioned!

      1. That one guy Avatar
        That one guy

        No love for the .45 jello? :c

  2. That gold dye looks toxic

  3. Definitely take some of those molds for ice cube trays. That’d be sick!

  4. Matt G. Avatar

    .38 super?