Rifle Golf

The only type of golf you can’t mix with alcohol:

Offering ranges from 175 to 1200 yards, our course is designed to mimic real-life hunting experiences for riflemen of all abilities. Our special targets, complete with “vitals”, let you know when your shot is dead-on andprovide an unrivaled sense of authenticity.

With more than 30 targets all set at different angles, on different slopes and in varying wind conditions, you’ll really come to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as a shooter. Each of our four shooting stations provides unique challenges that will increase your experience and sharpen your abilities.

Unlike real golf, this one looks fun without booze.

Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is located in Deweyville, Utah.  You can check out their website – HERE


7 responses to “Rifle Golf”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    It’s an epic idea. Hopefully there’s no limit on what you can use, a couple of things could be considered cheating lol.

  2. Gir6543 Avatar

    i was so excited. when you mentioned golf i thought you meant this product

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      heh yea I used a picture of that in the post if you didn’t notice!

  3. armed_partisan Avatar

    I played pistol golf at a range in CA once. It was SUPER hard! We used actual golf balls, and the first hit had to be at 15 yards, last range was 50 yards. The match lasted two hours, and they guy who won shot 4 under par. You could use any position or accessory you wanted, but no pistols more powerful than .45 ACP or smaller than .38/9mm caliber were permitted. I ran out of bullets before I got my ball to 50 yards. :(

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That sounds cool. Were scopes allowed?

      1. armed_partisan Avatar

        Yes, but it had to be a “repeating” design, either a revolver or semi-auto, no single shots. The guy that won had a .38 PPC Revolver that was scoped. It changed my views on revolvers. I bought one, and now I love them.

  4. I guess I *do* have a reason to buy the reflex sight that I’ve been thinking about…