Musket Ball Slingshot Crossbow

Another one from Joerg Sprave, crazy slingshot guy:

Deadly!  This one actually looks really nice too. He should hit that thing with a dark stain to bring out the grain.


4 responses to “Musket Ball Slingshot Crossbow”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I’d buy it. And since it just shoots a musket ball and not sawblades or machetes, it’s a little more legal to own :3

    And it looks like you could fire dynamite out of it. Dynamite crossbow ftw.

  2. If he put these into production you could make some good money. Even if he were limited to making them one off, per order, he’d be back logged with orders for weeks.

  3. JonMac Avatar

    What he’s made is known as a stonebow. Bows designed to shoot stones or shot date to at least 1500 AD.

  4. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Cool. I’d buy one. One could shoot lead balls, bullets, coins, rocks and even glass!
    Something to have incase they try to ban guns.