Stained Glass AK-47

Yes that’s a poppy in the barrel.  What’s the name the artist gave the piece you ask?  “The End Of The Revolution” *insert dry heave here*

And the deep philisophical statement to go along with it?

“To me this piece this breaks a few paradigms. Stained glass, an AK47 and poppy flower together make for a unique effect, with almost religious undertones that are directed towards both war and peace.”

LOL.  Regardless of the predictability of the name and statement, it definitely 1ups the previous stained glass AR-15 I posted about.

Source – Shanti1971 on DeviantArt


4 responses to “Stained Glass AK-47”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    It’s definitely a beautiful work of art. But the description the creator gave makes me want to beat him over the head with tit.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      It, not tit. :/

    2. Cameron Avatar

      I agree. I’m tired of these artists trying to be SUPER EDGY IT’S A STATEMENT YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND kind of thing, by combining the ultra scary AK-47 with something beautiful like crystals or stained glass, to try and prove some point.

      1. DB327 Avatar

        Well said. This response needs to be framed in put up on a wall for all to see.