Obama Bleeding Zombie Shooting Target

Oh my bad, it’s not Obama… it’s Rocky:

Zombie Industries Product page – HERE

Riiiiiight. And the “Terrorist” target isn’t Osama Bin Laden. :roll:

Must be just a coincidence that the Obama target comes in a brown skin tone too.

I don’t draw the line often, but it’s pretty tasteless to put our president (or any of our past presidents for that matter) on a target.


30 responses to “Obama Bleeding Zombie Shooting Target”

  1. Frank Avatar

    I didn’t think of it as an Obama-zombie until I read “Obama” in the title.

    1. Jodie Avatar


      1. Microwave Avatar

        yeah….you’re just being sensitive. Its just a big ear’d zombie named rocky.

    2. steeeeeve Avatar

      Bullshit. You read the title before you viewed the page.

  2. ChrisG Avatar

    Tasteless is right. This little publicity stunt may end up backfiring on them.

  3. Danni Avatar

    I legitimately hope this earns them a visit from the secret service, this is idiocy of a caliber I thought unreachable.

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Loophole: It’s zombie obama. Obama is clearly not a zombie, therefore there’s no case to be made lol.

  5. There are a lot of people who fight every day to dispute the crap with which the hoplophobes and lefties in general try to impugn the gun-rights community. Stupidity like this renders all of their efforts in vain. How are we supposed to say that the gun community ISN’T full of violent, racist, secessionists when something like this is offered up for our opponents to point at?

    1. uninsane Avatar

      This is an excellent point.

  6. Jason Avatar

    I find myself equally displeased with the gentleman in the video firing his revolver single action and cocking the hammer with his STRONG HAND thumb. Yeah, just go ahead and remove and reapply your firing grip each time. No wonder his groups suck :-p

  7. I didn’t immediately think it was a caricature of President Obama, although I see it now that its been mentioned. Definitely over the line if that’s the case. Pretty gruesome target practice, might scare a few kids at the range.

  8. 032125 Avatar

    Yeah not immediately obvious to me; if it was named Barry I might buy the premise. Even if the intent were as you think it is, this pales in comparison to some of the stuff that was done with images of the last President, and there is a long tradition of vitriolic hatred towards presidents. Not a new phenomenon, not hardly.

    Methinks thou protesteth too much.

    1. uninsane Avatar

      Go ahead. Provide us with evidence that there was a commercial product that was meant to be destroyed that looked like George W. Any example of anything close will be fine…..

      1. *notes a distinct lack of response*

  9. Antibubba Avatar

    I saw it immediately. It’s the ears.

  10. James Avatar

    Just because its black doesnt make it the president…… Unless they say it is, there is now case.

    1. James Avatar

      *No case*

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      You’re right it’s the president not just because its black. It’s the president because anyone with at least one working eye could see that the “zombie” has basically the same ears, face, hair, and build as the president.
      so… CASE on.

  11. This is clearly Obama and it’s disgusting. It would be equally disgusting if it was Bush. The likeness is obvious.

  12. Clearly obama. assholes.

  13. That Guy Avatar
    That Guy

    Wow, just because it’s black and has big ears it MUST BE Obama ….
    Now who’s the racist one. Next you’ll be saying they all look alike.
    Besides look at the name of the target.. Rocky

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Troll harder.

    2. uninsane Avatar

      So you truly and honestly don’t think this is meant to be a likeness of Obama? Just the other day a member of my gun club referred to him as “Big Ears” assuming that everyone knew who he meant. Mensa won’t be contacting you any time soon….

  14. That Guy Avatar
    That Guy

    Troll?? If that’s the case give my my toll or get off my bridge!!!!

  15. John Z Avatar

    I’ve seen one in person at the Franklin Gun Shop in Franklin, TN. It clearly is a likeness of Obama. It’s a disgrace.

  16. so i bought a gun and looked at the targets and noticed a green zombie paper target that looked like obama. its the ears, hair line, and face shape. i googled it to see what people are saying and found this site. Im bot for obama but i wouldn’t make a target in any presidents likeness no matter how much i hated him.

  17. The paper target is pretty obvious. The new versions are green skin tone.

    It’s tacky and stupid and makes us (gun rights advocates) looks bad.

    This is like finding out the KKK is showing up to support your First Amendment March.

  18. These are real cool but forget the JFK model. It’s a waste of money for obvious reasons. (looks used out of the box)

  19. Kevin Brown (BONES) Avatar
    Kevin Brown (BONES)

    I’d LOVE to put an arrow right between those big ears. I have to buy a “ROCKEY” target.

    Looks like great pleasure!

  20. Dallas Shannon Avatar
    Dallas Shannon

    It would be more believable if before you shot him that he was wearing a suit and tie, but a half naked black man bleeding pink blood, I think its funny and where can I buy one?