Beamshot Three Beam Predator Style Laser Sight

Ugh… seriously?

To make things worse, the Beamshot website states that the center of the three dots is the point of impact.

In case some of you guys forgot the preadator movie… this will refresh your memory:

If you already have a headache and want to make it exponentially worse, visit the Beamshot website – HERE


20 responses to “Beamshot Three Beam Predator Style Laser Sight”

  1. ozwald Avatar


  2. Oh, man, that is awesome. I WANT ONE.

  3. Andy Malik Avatar
    Andy Malik

    For $150 this is going on my HD Mossberg. I prefer green lasers but if it’s a strictly indoor weapon then red is perfectly fine.

    Funny though. Predators are an advanced race. They mastered interstellar travel but are still using red lasers ;)

    1. They’d probably use infrared lasers.

  4. Danni Avatar

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, what in the world are you ugh-ing at. This rules.

  5. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Ehhhhhh. It’s cool, but i’d make one before i bought one.
    Make one that wraps around the barrel, so the center really will be the point of impact lol.

    1. GENIUS !

  6. I thought of this years ago, when I stuck a three-rail mount on an 870. What’s more, I thought that if the lasers were set to converge slightly, you could use it as a rangefinder, judging range by how close the dots were together, and then how far apart they were once the dots had converged and the triangle inverted.

    On further reflection, I realized that this was a lof little or no practical value and didn’t pursue the idea.

  7. SN3AKY BADG3R Avatar

    Mounted on a shotty the three dots would probably be center of impact. This would work better in a red dot or reflex sight for centering the bad guy in the optic without covering him up. Only in a CQB, high speed low drag situation lol

  8. If it comes with a shoulder mount then I am buying two! Seriously, I would buy one.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Find a way to attach them to your chest in such a manner that you can run around with Tri-beam laser nipples :D

  9. Quint Avatar

    I did that once when I was into airsoft, 3 rail mount. The KWA MP7 has 3 rails. I went down to my local Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought 2 lasers (already had 1) and attached them just like fearsclave said. It was…..alright. Kind of hard to get used too. Also, adjusting those lasers just right takes FOREVER. (one would be too high or too far left, or too far right, or wouldn’t line up right, etc).

    I would only suggest this for novelty purposes.

  10. Chrome Avatar

    If this has a divergence setting I can dial in to match the choke (or lack thereof) on my hypothetical shotgun, I’d jump on it in a hot second. Bonus points if the next version can switch between the divergence reticle, a single centered green dot, or both (for switching between shot and slugs).

    Also not a bad idea for less than accurate “training weapons” like airsoft or paintball, some of which have more spread than a shotgun with a sewer-pipe choke.

    1. Quint Avatar

      Some airsoft weapons can be VERY accurate. They make tightbore barrels that are less than a tenth of a millimeter larger then the diameter of the BB. With one of those and a slight barrel extension, negative pressure air system, a few magazines with custom high flow valves and some high quality BBS, you can be VERY VERY accurate.

  11. Quint Avatar

    But alas airsoft got too expensive for me. So I sold them and started using the money to make insurance payments of my blazer

  12. Its mall ninjary but its pretty cool for a novelty item. Love the predator movies.

  13. I have to laugh that the product name of anything Beamshot produces is “BS-xxxxx” or whatever. Somehow totally appropriate.

  14. I WANt NAO!!!!!

  15. buck futter Avatar
    buck futter

    I want one for my Glock 7 and my Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40watt range!

  16. How/where can I purchase this sight for my glock 17? Thx