USMC Custom Boss Hoss Motorycle

Referred to as the “Secret Weapon” by designer/Hollywood stuntman Eddie Paul.

The project included fabricating all the body parts from metal, building the rotating replica Gatling guns which are twin 7.62mm electrically-driven rotary-action six-barrel mini-guns (similar to those on Puff the Magic Dragon gunship in ’Nam, or as seen in Schwarzenegger’s film “Predator”), converting the fuel supply to the pair of five-gallon Jerry cans attached to the rear and constructing the bullet-proof Lexan windshield.

Full story – HERE

Now that’s badass! No word yet on whether or not it can fly.


10 responses to “USMC Custom Boss Hoss Motorycle”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I feel like some of it’s inspiration came from Halo. Somehow. In some way. It’s that sort of lame :/
    I want to riddle that shit full of holes just to make an example of how badly you’re butchering an awesome bike by putting ridiculous themed crap on it.

    1. You’re no fun. Why so serious?

  2. A desert camo USMC bike should at least have off road tires and heavy suspension. This one should be black and white with police lights.

  3. So much for having an imagination! @That one Guy

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Save the imagination for a custom chopper from the guys at OCC, not a freakin boss hoss :C

  5. Harley Avatar

    AH, the Megaforce motorbike!

  6. Antibubba Avatar

    Fly? I want to know if it can even MOVE!!

  7. Having worked on these bikes in the past at the dealer level all I can say to the non believers is “don’t knock it till you try it” These bikes are incredibly easy 2 ride and comfortable to take long cruises on. And the adrenalin rush of grabbing a big hand full of throttle has no equal from any other bike!

  8. That’s a V8 engine in there… Is the whole bike a custom build, frame, engine and all?

  9. sad bike Avatar

    Sorry, I know you meant well. Marine here… Please do not show this around.