Glock Disassembly Animation

The maker of that video has some major skillz.


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  1. “Dry Firing typically is bad for the gun”
    ^ Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that statement a little outdated? Pretty sure all modern center fire guns can be dry fired

  2. armed_partisan Avatar

    “Dry firing is typically bad for the gun” but the propaganda value of the next part of this statement will completely overshadow the “shoot your wall” aspect of Glock disassembly. One reason why police have so many ND’s any more is because of this aspect of Glocks. Not saying it’s a problem for people with a brain, but not everybody who has a Glock has a brain.

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    This would be highly informative if i owned a Glock/A lack of taste in firearms.
    But i dont. And probably never will. Unless war comes to this country and somehow i find a fully automatic one laying on the ground, then i’ll gladly own one lol.

  4. I will never own a glock… used by wanna be assassins and gang bangers. not to mention the plastic guide rod.

    1911s and XDs all the way!

    1. Too bad XD’s are a 90% copy of the glock, haha

    2. Phil, Not sure I understand your logic here. Cars are used in drive by shootings, but does this mean you won’t own a car? Why would you blame a tool for the actions of person? Spoons don’t make people fat and Guns don’t kill people. People kill people and use different tools to accomplish this task. This does not mean the tools used are bad. Guns save many lives every day, they allow people to defend them selves from an attacker, or defend their home from an intruder.

      As for the “Plastick Guide Rod”. It’s actually Polymer which means it’s a very strong plastic. Stronger than steel by weight. The other thing you should consider is that a Guide Rod does nothing more than Guide the Spring during recoil. Not forces are applied to a guide rod that would require it to be made of steel, unless you simply want a heavier gun.

      Just saying.

  5. OK–what will it take for this guy to make a video for the Ruger MKIII. That things like a freakin Rubik’s cube. :-)