No Knock Raid Song

“It’s a no knock raid / don’t be afraid / we’ll shoot your dogs / infront of your kids”:

That first line would be funny if it weren’t true.

The song/video is really well done, make sure to watch the whole thing.


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  1. Only person that needs body armor and an m4 in a stoner raid is the guy with the snacks….

  2. Dumbpollok Avatar

    This guy does not need to be singing or making music. Putting aside what he’s talking about, this sounds like upset pot head. Maybe he should try LSD and listen to a couple Pink Floyd albums to hear real music.

  3. Alex S Avatar

    Upset pot head has a right to be upset, but that was not good music.

  4. That was pretty awful

  5. 032125 Avatar

    I loved the message, was very meh about the song. It’s just not very good. No knock raids are criminal.

  6. Blue Sheep Dog Avatar
    Blue Sheep Dog

    So 10 of the 70-80 THOUSAND search warrants go wrong. .0125% are mistakes. That’s an acceptable number to me. If the department screws up, they do buy the people another dog.

    Todd Blair = Class act. Raise a golf club to a police officer and you will be shot. Little excerpt from the news article about the shooting:
    “Neighbors…said police were frequently coming to Blair’s home…” He had an arrest history for narcotics use and forgery.

    The Jose Guerena shooting was terribly executed but his brother had a drug trafficking ring and Jose himself had been arrested previously for trafficking(charges dropped). Stolen car and trafficking ledger found in his mother’s properties. Doesn’t excuse the death, but it wasn’t as though he was just a “church going, American executed by a no knock raid.”

    1. Blue Sheep Dog says “So 10 of the 70-80 THOUSAND search warrants go wrong. .0125% are mistakes. That’s an acceptable number to me. If the department screws up, they do buy the people another dog.” Would you care to cite your source for this information for us sir? This is a pretty specific statistic you are using for your comment. Was it based on a one year period or a ten year period? I highly doubt that if you were one of the so called “0.0125%” it would be acceptable to you. How would your kids feel if it was their dog shot and killed because it was the wrong house? Although I am sure that the department purchased dog would make everything ok, right?

    2. 032125 Avatar

      70-80 thousand of the 70-80 thousand no knock raids are wrong, because they are a violent invasion of people’s homes. They are a small facet of the greater wrong of the “Drug War” which has been a full frontal assault on individual sovereignty, the Constitutional restraint, and taxpayers wallets; with no apparent benefit beyond a booming prison industry, thriving gangs, the destruction of the black family, massive police militarization and police corruption, and the highest documented incarceration rate of any country in the world.

      The .0125% of “mistakes” that you refer to are simply such obvious blunders that even the most ardent statist sheeple cannot deny that something went horribly wrong, though inevitably they blame a few low level officers, refusing to reassess the massive, systemic conflict of interest that our legal system has become.

      And no, I am not a druggie nor a convict (lest you assume that to be the case).

    3. Cute how its only Police and Politicians who defend these invasions.

      Kill all violent violators of the Constitution, no matter what letters are on their chest while in the act!

  7. John C Avatar

    Anyone who doesn’t get this message anyone how wants to bag on the stoner go fuck you life and your Prius, good shit Mike keep it coming. I’ve had a no knock warrant-less raid done on me it was two plain cloths sheriff deputies looking for a family member who missed a court date they grabbed my mother by her neck and put a glock to her head at my front door and forced there way in unannounced, I was in the kitchen with a buddy and from the commotion i heard i thought my mother was getting robbed/mugged so i drew my pistol and leveled it at the front door. They cut right i was to their left but in that split second from when they entered from the way they where talking and the way they where dressed i realized they where cops and tucked my pistol behind my back i could have dropped both of them they didn’t even see me. You have no idea the adrenaline you fell when someone comes in unannounced and holding a gun they where Lucky i didn’t kill them in hind sight they should have been put down. My point is announce your self and have a warrant death to all who don’t.

    1. Looks like they should have put you in cuffs and hauled you off to a 9th grade English and grammar class.

      1. John C Avatar

        I would expect as much from a troll.

        1. You clearly don’t read this blog much if you’re calling me a troll. Although, I’ll bet you don’t read much in general.

          1. John C Avatar

            Your are a troll the first thing you comment on is may grammar like i said before if your looking to rag or talk shit go fuck your life and or Prius. I have relaid a THS to you and your looking to start a flame war you chump.

            1. I’m sure your very eloquently expressed story about an unlawful raid is entirely true, and told the way it happend (eyes rolling). As I’m sure you are an upstanding and law-abiding young person yourself. You just stand around in your mother’s kitchen armed with a handgun? Are you even old enough for a gun? If you are you should probably be hanging out with your buddy in your own kitchen. I commented because the whole scenario sounds ridiculous. I’m sure two officers broke in to the house without a warrant and grabbed your mom by the neck. And while you and your junior mafioso buddy were in the kitchen eating fruit roll ups, you “drew [your] pistol and leveled it at the front door.” Why the front door, by the way? Were you waiting for them to leave to shoot them in the back? You said they had already forced their way in through the front door. That’s what fiction writers would call a “plot hole.”

              I commented because it sounds like a load of crap by someone who just has a “fuck the po-lice” attitude. I’m sure you hate law enforcement because you’ve been busted for possession of marijuana a few times and probably some other offenses, and you just can’t seem to follow the rules.

              Your story telling needs some work. And if you get the basics of your next story figured out, have someone edit it for you. Preferably somebody who made it past middle school.

              1. John C Avatar

                The best part is I go to work in the morning and you troll the web peace Nigger Faggot. I told a True Hollywood story and you trolled the fuck out of it and if you ever entered my dwelling you’d be smoked cunt. .40 BJHP Faggot. I got work what do you got chump.

                1. andrew Avatar

                  What’s with the language? This is a blog for firearms enthusiasts, not bigots and racists. Ban-hammer?

                2. The best part is I go to work in the morning

                  Good for you. Which fast food chain is it that employs you?blockquote>NiggerI’m very caucasian. For example: I know who my father is. In fact, my parents were married before I was born, and neither have any children outside of that marriage. I wear pants that fit me; they are worn around my waist, not at my knees; when I wear a baseball cap, I wear it the way that it was intended to be worn. No one in my family has ever been wanted by the police or been to prison. I can say the same about all of my friends. I don’t think I’ve ever even met anyone who’s been to prison. I’ve never seen a crack pipe in real life. My car doesn’t have wheels on it that are twice the diameter of the ones that came on it (I don’t think you can get a 38″ wheel anyway). I don’t even like watermelon.

                  if you ever entered my dwelling you’d be smoked

                  You mean your momma’s house, right? Why in the world would I ever enter the dwelling of a person like yourself? I’m not a police officer. Nor am I a member of any charity that goes door to door to work with the under-educated and underprivileged.

                  I got work what do you got chump.

                  I have a four-year college degree (working on more) and a white-collar CAREER that pays very well. I have the respect of many important, influential, and wealthy people in my community; state legislators, attorneys, CPA’s, law school faculty, CEO’s, CFO’s, etc., etc. I have a Combat Infantryman Badge and a shoebox full of other medals and awards. I’m sure I could go on and on about the things I have that you don’t, but I’ve got to sneak in a morning workout before heading to the office.

                  What is it again that “you got”? Have fun at “work.” Make sure those burgers/tacos/fried chicken are made just right.

                  1. NikonMikon Avatar

                    You do realize that your post is full of racist bullshit right? OP might be a moron but you are equally as annoying; maybe even more so than he because you’re obviously intelligent enough to know better. Shame on you.

                    1. I didn’t use any racial or homosexual slurs. I don’t have anything against either black people or homosexuals. (With the former, I guess I tend to agree with Chris Rock’s famous diatribe on the subject.) It’s stupid people that I can’t stand.

                    2. I should have extended my initial response. But, come on, this cockamamie story about police entering without a warrant and putting a gun to his mother’s head? And he’s in the kitchen packin’ heat. And he levels on them, and they’re lucky he didn’t drop ’em. The whole thing sounds a bit absurd. And to top it off it looks like it was written either by a second grader, or someone with a severe mental disability.

                      I he is indeed a second grader – my apologies for judging his writing ability, but he shouldn’t be handling a firearm. If he’s severely mentally disabled – again, my apologies, and again, he shouldn’t be handling a firearm.

                      If he’s not in second grade, and does not possess an extra 21st chromosome, then this country’s education system is in far worse shape than I could have ever imagined.

                    3. andrew Avatar

                      John C is the racist homophobe. Josh is a classist elitist. Both pretty bad.

                  2. NikonMikon Avatar

                    You clearly thing its okay to state stereotypical behaviors that you and your parents dont do as appropriate metric for judgement on who is a black person. GTFO, it is extremely racist to say those things. No one cares what you do, who’s respect you have or any other petty information you have to spout to garner support for your argument. No one is going to respect you unless you behave respectably. The post you made in response to that guy was not respectable.

                    1. It was infinitely more respectable than the one it was in response to.

                    2. No one cares what you do, who’s respect you have or any other petty information you have

                      He asked the question. He boasted the “[He] got work,” and asked “what do [I] got.” I guess he was trying to one-up me with the fact that he has a job. It actually reminds me a lot of that part in the Chris Rock piece where he talks about bragging about things you’re supposed to do; like not going to jail, or taking care of your kids.

                  3. NikonMikon Avatar

                    Respectable? To insinuate that the n-word is okay to use much less have defining characteristics which you go on to list in your highly racist post is not respectable. Your parents, despite having great values, failed to instill them in to you. Your post comes off as a ‘im better than you poor boy’ diatribe of a spoiled rotten rich kid. Nobody likes a sniveling asshole. Furthermore you employ a list of wealthy or influential people whose ‘respect’ you have of just really puts the nail in the coffin for you man. You should have just ignored his stupid post.

                    1. I never said anything about black people; I wasn’t referred to as a black person. I have no problem with black people. I’ll defer to Chris Rock to explain the difference.


                      It is you who seems to find the n-word to be synonymous with black people. This isn’t 1950’s Mississippi; it’s the 21st century. Be a little more progressive in your thinking.

                  4. NikonMikon Avatar

                    Do you realize you’re using a COMEDIAN as your validation? Comedians say ANYTHING to get a laugh. get the fuck out of here retard. seriously…

                    This is like some lib-tard using Jon Stewart faux-punditisms as real political clout. He’s a fucking comedian with a comedy show on comedy central. There is NOTHING valid about what he says. Just because Chris Rock says this shit means nothing. The N word is offensive. Just because a COMEDIAN says otherwise means nothing. You’re using a wet noodle as a sword here. Seriously…

                    Also never tell me to be progressive. Fuck off you elitist prick.

                    1. Do you realize you’re using a COMEDIAN as your validation?

                      He’s a comedian? Really? The fact that he’s a comedian does not, in and of itself, invalidate the point that he’s making.

                      get the fuck out of here retard

                      Now you’re using the word “retard” as a derogatory slur? How tolerant is that? That’s incredibly politically incorrect. Do you realize that mental retardation has historically been defined as having an IQ below 70? I’d bet you a thousand dollars that you’re much closer to that threshold than I am!

                  5. NikonMikon Avatar

                    I bet you a thousand dollars you’re a little shit too. I’m pretty sure you established that a few posts back. Got any friends? Probably not. You’re a regular Rhodes Scholar though you should be able to figure it all out…

                    1. Another great rebuttal.

                      Got any friends? Probably not.

                      Whoa. You really burned me with that one! What are you, ten?

                      Well, it’s been amusing. I actually have to go meet some friends for drinks shortly. And I can trust that if anyone in our group disagrees with another about something they won’t resort to petty name-calling or half-assed personal attacks with no basis when they run out of argument.

                  6. NikonMikon Avatar

                    Oh trust me I didn’t run out of argument Josh, I ran out of give-a-fuck. Huge difference. Have fun with your buddies.

    2. TL;DR Nobody wins this thread but John C sure looses the hardest.

  8. andrew Avatar


    Great post. Even people who have prior records and are suspected of doing bad things deserve a knock and a warrant. But please moderate the comments on this post. Two of your readers are engaged in a racist and homophobic flame war. I’d like to think that my fellow firearms enthusiasts are better than that. Even if you do not screen all comments, you should really at least delete ones like this.


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I can’t even remember the last time I moderated anything on here. There are plenty of gun blogs that like to think they can ban and censor people. The way I look at it, is that the internet is the one of the last places we truly can have free speech. That said, I do understand your concern, but It’s pretty easy to just ignore the comments in this post if you don’t like what is being said.

      1. NikonMikon Avatar

        But the real question is can you post Rick Rolls without fear of reprimand? lol

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          hahah only during happy hour M-F 4-7pm :P

          1. NikonMikon Avatar

            now is that EST CST PST? because 2 out of those 3 means i can rick roll RIGHT NOW….

  9. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Out of control cops who are pissed off at the world and want to take out their anger on law abiding citizens.
    No knock raids are a joke. The police know a person cannot flush down all their drugs into the toilet.
    Also, there has been many wrong addresses, such as, typing mistakes, reading the numbers wrong, snitches making up information so they can get “off’”, even to the point of just picking out a name and address from the phone book at random, and the cops believe them-‘cus why would a snitch or informer lie?
    Plus some of them just want to shot and ask questions later and add notches to their gun!
    Remember what a lawyer said “the police are not your friends or buddies, except to other cops and judges!”

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      Are you referring to that youtube video? About why you should NEVER talk to police ever? That was a DAMN good video. To the uninformed, the way i just described it makes it sound like some kinda hood-shit no-snitch type thing but it’s not at all. It’s meant to protect your self from accidental/false incrimination. The examples the guys give in that video are nothing short of amazing on how an innocent person can incriminate themselves by saying ANYTHING, EVEN TELLING the truth 100% can get you put in jail.