Auction Hunters – Home on the Gun Range

The guys head to a storage unit auction in Corona, CA. Ton & Allen uncover a 1940s arcade game, a 1901 Winchester shotgun and an antique crossbow that they test at the range

These guys sure find some awesome stuff.


5 responses to “Auction Hunters – Home on the Gun Range”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    It’s a show on Spike TV. That allready means that this show is 98% scripted and 2% Buffness. Brainless man shows that are rip offs of others shows on TV. Woot.

    A whole episode too… glad i bought popcorn lol.

  2. Johnnie F. Avatar
    Johnnie F.

    I agree w/ you on the Spike eval except for their show Coal. Even of it’s scripted, it’s still pretty good.

  3. Ever see that show American Pickers? It’s exactly the same..

    1. Except American Pickers is good.

  4. mbirch Avatar

    There was even a Corona beer commercial in the video….whole thing was probably scripted for just that! :)