Xploderz H2O Gel Ammo Water Guns

Stupid looking designs, but cool idea:

The Xploderz website – HERE

Ahhhh the clipppppppppp….

The whole line of Xploderz guns can be purchased at Amazon – HERE

One of the comments I read, is that Deco Beads are the same as the H2O grow ammo these Xploderz use.  If so, you could pick the beads up for a fraction of the cost to refill your Xploderz guns.

Anyone tried these out yet, or heard about their performance?


12 responses to “Xploderz H2O Gel Ammo Water Guns”

  1. Thanatos Avatar

    Kind of a cool idea, but the cost for the pellets and the fact that you have to soak them for 4 hours before use is a bit off. Doesn’t seem like many people over on Amazon have good reviews for it.

    I have seen the Deco Beads up close though, and they look about the same…..that extended soak time is still a bitch though….lol

  2. Lottaguns Avatar

    Silica beads. Like the dessicant bags people put in gun safes.
    There is a brand called Ultra Pearls you can buy to put in your cats litter box.Should do the same thing.

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    1000 rounds? That little ‘clip’ probably only holds 500 at most. If even that much.

    And lol soak time. That’s not in the commercial. SUCH A SCAM D:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL no kidding. “Time out guys.. I gotta soak”

  4. fiendir Avatar

    “Flip up site”
    Oh cool it even comes with a webbrowser, right?

  5. Is it just me, or does that thing look an awful lot like the KSG?

  6. Slight “Sight” misspelling.

  7. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    The one with the shoulder stock looks pretty cool. Amazon reviews seem to suggest the toy rocks!

    Will I be the only 35 year old to own one? Will it creep out the neighbors? More at 11…

  8. Jwhite Avatar

    LMAO… flip up what? love how the “clip” aka… hopper… is in the way. The damn thing looks like it was designed 12 years ago. We have much better injection molding capabilities these days. . Compare the design to nerf guns and super soakers these days. This thing looks like flat wall, low poly rubish.


    And compare that to old nerf guns..


    1. Charles Avatar

      Hey, we had fun with those 90’s Nerf and Super soakers 1000’s.

  9. great idea, poor execution. as a toy designer for a major toy company, i’m embarrassed for the guy that released this into production.

  10. Don’t misjudge this toy, yes it takes a bit to make the pellets, however after my roommates and I bought the guns we too were disappointed. after a series battle we found that these are fun to play with safe in our little apartment and with our two cats roaming around the house. Not one thing has been effect by this other then the tiny sting you get when you get hit. All in all this is a pretty rad thing to have in the house and its user friendly/ environmental friendly.