Buy An Armalite Rifle – Get A Shitty Toaster

Purchasers of a new ArmaLite rifle must mail in their warranty card. The toaster will then be shipped to the customer. For further details, contact your local ArmaLite representative or call ArmaLite toll free at 800-336-0184.

Oh the lows some companies will stoop to for free advertising. I’d be slightly impressed if the toaster burned the company logo into the toast.

I just pray I never see Glock trying to get attention by something stupid like “Buy a gen4 Glock, and get a whiff of one of Gaston’s Sauerkraut farts”.

Nothing surprises me anymore…

  • If you’re a douchebag and you’re falling for this sticker on a toaster thing, head over to Armalite’s website and pick up a rifle – HERE

Note: 2 of my AR-15 lowers are actually Armalite, and they are good.  Making a decent lower nowadays isn’t exactly rocket science though.


16 responses to “Buy An Armalite Rifle – Get A Shitty Toaster”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    What are you whining about? The toaster is for shooting at. It’s even got an Amralite brand target sticker on it for you to aim at.

    … you could allways make some toast, and sit back a hundred meters, and wait to shoot the toast that flies out :3

  2. great! so now we can make toast, fry some bacon on a suppressor and have lunch at the range :D

  3. Arthur Steadman Avatar
    Arthur Steadman

    Glad you like your ArmaLite lowers. Wish you liked the toaster. Thanks for the free advertising.

  4. Tactical bacon, Espresso gun, Armalite toasters; seems like the two markets are slowly merging. I wonder when my local gun shop is going to put in a taco bar?

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      You can allways go down to Mexico. It’s pretty much like that lol.

      You best fill up on them while you can, it wont be easy smuggling that Obregon into the States :3

    2. El Duderino Avatar
      El Duderino

      My LGS is right next to a taco shop…if the NICS line is busy and you’re waiting too long, that’s the bathroom too.

  5. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel is pleased :-P

  6. I don’t GAF. I want the toaster. To toast with.

  7. They know that you’ll get more press with a toaster than with the obvious giveaways like a magazine or what not. That being said, if it was a waffle maker its game on!

    1. Todd S Avatar


  8. I think this is a nod to old-timey bank promos where you’d get minor kitchen appliances for opening a savings account. Clever, but it wouldn’t sway me.

  9. What? No tactical black or camo models?

  10. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Also, i think this warrants an old Tube line.

    “You know what they say. All toasters, toast toast!” :3

  11. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    A toaster? I’d be impressed if they gave away a free 46 inch flat screen TV.
    Didn’t that investment group Freedom buy Armalite?

  12. I would not dis the Armalite Toaster if I was you.
    Ours is STILL GOING GREAT after 13years. Cant bear to decom it.

    I will buy anyone’s Armalite Toaster who does not want it.


  13. Brad3000 Avatar

    Update –
    That [shitty] Armalite Toaster has worked now for us FOR 15 YEARS !!!
    I really really wish I could buy another one and get a free AR-10T with it…

    Seriously !!