Three Holsters Equals Zero Credibility

If you have 3 visible holsters containing 3 handguns, attached to tactical gear at the range,  I’ll automatically jump to the conclusion that you’re a douchebag.

Enter Ron Etchells, NRA Certified Firearms Training Instructor:

Source – Ron Etchells Firearms Training


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  1. maybe its for him to instruct on different holsters and draws without having to take them all on and off repetitively.

    still looks teh ghey tho.

    1. i think not! your average patrol officer has three weapons on him at all times. primary sidearm, backup piece and either less than lethal so they have “three 3 visible holsters containing 3 handguns, attached to tactical gear at the” in real life.
      I like the vid of Bob and the point he makes in the old west you carried several for the slow reloading process. how many old west pics have you seen that have a guy or gal with two revolvers and a rifle or shotgun
      history repeats itself and forums and blogs make fun of it before they have a context for why it is being done…..

      1. Reminds me of some of the rules of a gunfight.

        – Have a gun.
        – Preferably, have at least two guns.
        – Bring all of your friends who have guns.
        – Etc

        1. lone survivor Avatar
          lone survivor

          Hey, don’t forget about “Travis” in the movie “Taxi Driver”.
          everybody talks about all the guns he had on himself.

  2. what a very THE TACTICAL gentleman

  3. “The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to…. another pistol… then another pistol…”

    or maybe its just a “NY Reload” for Mall Ninjas

  4. Whats his uber awesome elite spec ops tat say?

    1. ozwald Avatar

      HIGHSPEED LOWDRAG in gothic text.

  5. I’m just happy he’s not in Florida!

  6. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    I shamefully admit that i would do this. But less for herp derp three glocks and more for my 1911, A steyr m1910 and a COP .357 derringer. Variety is the spice of life :3

    The only merit to it i see it to demonstrate how to ‘properly’ draw from a holster at various spots.

    And then i saw the tattoo… yeah… hes a douche xD

    1. Variety is the spice of life

      I think Paprika is the spice of life.

      1. *Smacks lips* Hmm… Skinnamon…

  7. Saudi TIGER Avatar
    Saudi TIGER

    I agree that a guy with 3 holsters is a douche-bag and a show off

  8. Rickenbacker Avatar

    Well, in the US it looks dorky. But in Sweden, where you’re not allowed to leave your guns in the car (or anywhere but in your own gun safe) while competing, you pretty much have to walk around like a living armory if you compete in several different classes…

    1. NikonMikon Avatar

      What a ridiculous law. I’m glad you are even able to have firearms in Sweden. The laws in Finland are much more lax I hear…

  9. Billbo Avatar

    dont ya know, they more pistols and things that dangle off your vest makes you more tacti-cool. His courses must be the hollywood version of a technique course.

  10. redbaron Avatar

    Does that tat say “Front towards enemy”? Somebody needs to punch that guy in the face

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      omg it does say “front toward enemy” LOL. I thought you were joking, but it’s clear in one of the other pictures on his site.

  11. Alex E Avatar

    I got to say, it does looks JoMo ! There may be another gun hidden in place you can not imagine you could not know you but a handgun safely and all handguns are glocks of the same caliber and he is carrying 15 spare magazines to feed all of those glocks. However he could be so insecure that he is insecure of his insecurity on his hand guns not being secure enough.

  12. We need to coin a new term for that.

    Tactitool? Fauxtical? Douchetac?

  13. This guy has 4 holsters…
    Any exceptions to the rule yet? :)

  14. Exception to the Rule:

    No less than 6 holsters containing 3 different sets of guns in 3 different calibers and you must be smoking a cigar. *Beard & Operatic Music optional*

    1. FunnyGunBunny Avatar

      Bob is SO FAST…and fat…

  15. darreil Avatar

    My eyes arent what they were…but Im thinking his tat says Jay Lennoshow…or..Im just messinwidcha..or maybe Roys Tattoparlor..Kung Furocks..I dunno

  16. Cobrar Avatar

    At least they are all empty. So makes even more sense now right?

  17. Jwhite Avatar

    The only semi-redeeming factor is the fact it says “Instructor” on the back of his elite vest. It would be easier to wear all three rather than take one off and swap it out to show a student how to properly draw. Must have been a beginners class.

  18. I think his tatto says


  19. In most SOF groups you are taught one is none and two is one. now you can take that to extremes and end up being that guy. but in this pic i think a trainer has the get out of “flaming on the net” free card
    he is i am guessing wanting to show proper drawing techniques from different carry methods
    now i would use one gun and just show them as needed but after all this is the “interweb” and anything can happen.

  20. Dannyglover Avatar

    I had a desire to get NRA instructor certified but that desire is instantly gone after seeing this guy


    Did ya’ll even look at the pages. These pictures are listed off of a page that lists the following courses:
    NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course
    NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course
    NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course
    NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course
    NRA’s Home Firearm Safety Course

    This guy is advertising himself teaching BASIC courses dressed like the finest Mall Ninja ever. He does list 2 advanced classes on another page:
    with NO pictures of him dressed like he is a part of Food Court Team Six.


    1. I did look at his website. Are you telling me that if I want basic firearms training, it won’t involve me wearing three sidearms at once? I’m disappointed.

      1. Okay, I want to see someone juggle three pistols while firing them accurately at a target between each catch.

        1. That one guy Avatar
          That one guy

          I can try, but you’re calling the ambulance if i fuck up xD

  22. I just want to train in the Tactical Bunker he talks about on his site.

  23. Tekkie Avatar

    Anyone catch the video of him howling at a kid on his site? Normally when I see another mall ninja instructor I just roll my eyes and thank God I was graced with good instruction, but this guy seriously needs to be stopped. I don’t know anyone who would advocate yelling at a pre-teen during a firearms class.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha I just checked out the video you mentioned… it’s interesting. Maybe if you’re that highspeedlowdrag you only have one way of speaking, so you speak to everyone like that.

      1. I would guess it has something to do with both of them wearing ear protection and the underworld wanting to make sure the kid could hear him. He seemed encouraging.

        1. Stupid autocorrect… Should say instructor not underworld.

          1. Tekkie Avatar

            Lol I think underworld would probably be more appropriate…

            Encouraging? What part of that seemed encouraging to a child?

  24. I actually took this guy’s class for CCW requirements (before I saw the super tacti-cool pics) due to his stellar reputation in the area. The king has no clothes! It really is as bad as it looks. His tattoo does say “Front Toward Enemy.” He does wear three pistols, tho not for anything so useful as to demonstrate how to draw from different locations. The others are to back up his vague hints about shooting you if you look like you’re going to do something unsafe. He does spend a lot of time yelling at people, often calling them “limp dick” or “asshole,” whether there’s a woman right next to him or not. He actually knows gun skills but he’s his own worst enemy in terms of teaching them. He offers free requals, but even at that price I won’t be going back.

  25. Sphen Avatar

    I’ve taken a couple classes from Ron. One is his carry gun that is with him at all times. One is the gun he uses for instructing and the other one is an airsoft pistol he uses for demonstrations, kinda seems sensible now doesn’t it? What seems douchey to me is that you will post a picture of someone on the internet that you don’t really know about and call them a douchebag for all to see. Wow what a hero you are.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL cool story bro. Maybe if you stick around you might develop a sense of humor sooner or later.