How To Almost Shoot Your Friend – SKS Slamfire

Start watching at 1:20:

They are all very casual about it. By the look of the video, the muzzle wasn’t downrange where it should have been.  The camera man even said he almost shot the car (assuming he meant truck) which is quite obviously right next to them, not downrange… so that could have turned out a lot worse.

Also, sweet chicken wing (pictured left) when he starts shooting.  LOL

I’m confident Darwin will get another chance with these guys if the unsafe practices continue.


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  1. Rap music set it off! I saw it on mythbusters!

    (Seriously, if the bolt on that rifle is clear of cosmoline, I will eat my own feces.)

    Also, I am glad the Garand shown didn’t have the ‘evil’ free floating firing pin, I would hate to think that the millions of them (and M14 and M16 and M4) were produced with such dysfunction.

    1. There are more firearms with free-floating firing pins than without…

  2. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Oh yeah, blame the SKS for being “Notorious”. My SKS and i are offended by this trash D:<
    I wouldn't be suprised if Bo, luke and daisy duke there got themselves impaled on the Bayonet just putting it away.

  3. I’ve witnessed one slam fire from an SKS and it was a friend of mine who never cleaned his guns.

  4. Paranoid in Montana Avatar
    Paranoid in Montana

    I’ve never pulled the bolt on an SKS but I did notice that my AR firing pin doesn’t have a spring…

    1. You should also know that when the m16 was first designed it was denting primers substantially. The investigators of this were shocked that it wasn’t firing after every chambering when they calculated the mass and velocity of the original firing pin design.

      They fixed this by lightening the pin.

  5. “That’s what the SKS is notorious for… that was a slamfire.”

    I think that’s what idiots are notorious for. Clean your weapon. And if it’s so notorious for slamfiring, don’t chamber a round with the muzzle nearly pointed at your friend, or in the direction of your vehicle!

  6. I own five SKS rifles (Russian Tula, Russian Ishevesk, 60s Chinese factory 26, Yugo 59/66, a Norinco Model D [the factory AK mag conversion], and a Norinco “paratrooper”) and all likely have at least a thousand rounds through them. These rifles run the gamut from being extremely well made to looking like some parts were made in a junior high shop class and I have NEVER experienced a slam fire in any of them. Like has been repeated above: clean your damned rifle!

    It doesn’t surprise me that the SKS in question is a Yugo 59/66 as they’ve been very popular since being imported and the one’s we’ve gotten in have been VERY heavily cosmolined. When I cleaned mine I completely disassembled the bolt to make sure I got it all out. The Yugos are among some of the finest examples of the SKS, maybe if it was one of those Estonian rifles that hit market a few years back that looked like they’d been manufactured by blind monkeys in a mud pit I could see it slam firing…only the bravest of the brave could have thought that putting live ammunition through those beasts was a good idea.

    It is a really good thing he only had his target out about 20 feet though, I’ve heard they’re not very accurate either. Oddly, my Russkies, the Factory 26, and the Yugo do pretty well for “combat accuracy” out to 200+ yards. The Norincos…well…they were readily available and cheap when I bought them.

  7. Hey I know these guys (only through youtube). He’s really not that bad.

    My SKS is immaculate and it still dents primers when I chamber rounds. It’s just a negative design aspect of the free floating pin in the SKS in particular, but its better than buying a springed murray’s pin because of the depth issues people have had with them.

    The mass of the pin plus the inertia allows it to dent the primer guys. I will make a video of it denting the primer on a round and then remove the bolt and mail it to anyone who doesnt believe its clean. I am absurdly meticulous when it comes to cleaning the bolt.

    The firing pin channel will accept a .17 HMR brush for anyone who is as insane as I am when it comes to cleaning. It fits great and scrubs the hell out of it!

  8. JonMac Avatar

    Don’t get the hate for ‘chicken-winging’. These guys are clearly not trying out for the local SWAT team any time soon. If sticking your elbow out was good enough for the vets, it’s good enough for these scrotes.

    1. Yeah, the people who are complaining about the chicken winging have never shot an SKS before. It is highly unintuitive to tuck your elbow on any grip stock gun while standing. It’s kinda scary to shoot the larger ones though like a mosin or garand. I feel i have better cushioning with my elbow tucked some. I don’t wing it like these guys but the rifle is designed to be held that way for the most part.

  9. They had no muzzle awareness the entire video.

  10. Matthew Redmill Avatar
    Matthew Redmill

    The same thing happened when my stepbother chambered a round,It shot a whole in my roof,It could have been worse he did download the clip to just one round.Mine was a Norinco sks-m and took AK mags.

  11. I bought an SKS recently from a pawn shop. It was real clean in apperance and looked like it was well cared for. I took it apart and cleaned it anyway and removed the firing pin and cleaned it. Loaded in 10 rounds. After firing round 8 , rounds 9 and 10 slam fired . I took it apart again and more thoroughly cleaned the firing pin channel. Ran a pipe cleaner through it and blew compressed air through it. Loaded in 10 rounds. After round 9, round 10 slam fired. Any suggestions would be appreciated.