Assault Backpack

Law Enforcement Only according to U.S. Cavalry:

“This item requires identification verification to ensure this restricted item is only sold to the appropriate personnel.”


Like I always say, when assault backpacks are outlawed… only outlaws will have assault backpacks.

From A style standpoint I’d have to say I consider it a good thing that the average joe can’t just go out and buy this backpack… it’s HIDEOUS.

A video, so you can get some contextual LOLz:


25 responses to “Assault Backpack”

  1. bigghoss Avatar

    I found this pack on 2 other websites and they also restrict the sale to LEOs only. WTF?

  2. Gotboobla Avatar

    If rocks were considered a weapon then they would have regulations on them. The gangsters would have thousands of little rocks illegally trafficked in from foreign nations, federal agents would have giant boulders in the backs of their cruisers, and us average peon citizens would not even be able to look at one without being on a watch list.

    Honest to God, it’s a backpack that can have a holster in it. Any average Joe can sew in a belt in a back pack and make this… but you better not be caught with one. Those deadly assault back packs are a real threat.

  3. One word… eBay.

  4. This is retarded lol

  5. Lol , he called the Beretta 92 a 1911 , What a fail .

  6. MAC21500 Avatar

    So I can have a much more awesome, better looking and just plain more effective assault pack if I just buy the Ares RAD pack you blogged about? Camelbak U.S. Cavalry FAIL

  7. Charles Avatar

    Just black-black? I think I’ll hold out for the black-black-black.

    1. haha

  8. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    Does it come with assault clip pouches too?
    Does it have space for my shoulder thing that goes up? :3

    You know, if you absolutely HAD to conceal a weapon, wouldn’t you just buy a holster and wear a long shirt? Or maybe a jacket? lol.

  9. I can get a 5.11 Select Carry for less, and that lets you carry an m4 broken down:

    as well as a pistol in an better, accessible chest compartment

  10. I’d much rather have the Ares Pack, or even a Sneaky Bag!

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Howasbout a purse? A “Handbag” If you will? Or a fanny pack? lol.

  11. WTF?!?

    Color coded pull tabs?

    We also put a discrete accessory compartment…..dude, it’s called a pocket or pouch.

  12. Holy shit, that dude put me to sleep…

  13. chris Avatar

    So these will be open to the public by next week when they have all of them on the shelf minus a few that the mall ninja’s were able to secure through secret black-black channels.

  14. CR Pyro Avatar
    CR Pyro

    “This pack is specifically designed for the law enforcement professional and concealed handgun license carrier…”

    So why is it restricted to LEO/FOUO crowd? Oh, well. I guess my CHL money isn’t good enough for US Cav. Oh, wait a second, it never really has been, has it?

    As has already been said: Fail.

  15. Justin Avatar

    LOL…. whatever. Ugly ass backpack anyways. Maxpedition makes something similar. I highly doubt any one criminal would say “Oh that guy is wearing a maxpedition backpack…im gonna hold off on robbing this place” or “Oh shit! Its a cop, hes wearing that ugly ass backpack that only cops can buy!”

  16. mlk18 Avatar

    What!? No dual holster set up for my matched pair of gold plated 1911’s!? I hope the fanny pack version comes out soon. Then I will be good to go.

  17. jpcmt Avatar

    Funny I should see this after I’d just modified my targus backpack (laptop carrier too) to hold my holster in place right about where this thing puts the holster so I can yank my G23 easily. Of course now I’m gonna have to color code the zipper for that compartment..and maybe name the compartment “Tactical Mall Ninja Sector” or something cool. I hope us cav reads these comments.

  18. Jared C Avatar
    Jared C

    You never go full retard.

  19. Eightbyte Avatar

    At least the black-black isn’t as hideous. Nonetheless my Bugout Gear assault pack is sufficient for my needs.

  20. Military? As an officer in a military police company, I can say with great certainty that members of the military do not need this bag. We don’t conceal weapons when we carry. And we never carry a weapon in a laptop bag.

    It has been said before, never go full retard.

  21. RapelSyrup Avatar

    Think I might pick one up just to say I got one, but then again, US Cav is the Wal Mart of Tac-Gear, so I may spend my money elsewhere.

  22. Michael Avatar

    I rather keep my Maxipdition bags anyhow. They are not restricts for only the folks in costumes to have.