Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Doesn’t look Modern Warfare good… but still looks pretty good.  I’m assuming that’s not actual gameplay footage though.

I’ll really have to consult you guys before I purchase a game system… all these games look awesome to me, and they all look the same.

You can pre-order this game for October 30th delivery – HERE


21 responses to “Ghost Recon Future Soldier”

  1. Dillankid Avatar

    Ubisoft is known for their realism – but that’s definitely a live action trailer. It’ll be a great game, along with most of the big FPS games out there right now.

    As for purchasing a game system…Sony is showing themselves to be both stupid and easily hacked (putting your information at risk) – Microsoft has held their own so far, and Xbox Live is a bazillion times better than the PSN. But, the PS3 has Blu-Ray and web browsing…

    …there’s a lot to the decision, I went with Xbox though.

  2. Out of all the shooters coming out, I personally think Battlefield 3 will be the best out of them all, especially if you get the PC version. The graphics, game play, story line and multiplayer all just look much better than the alternatives. If it is anything like Battlefield 2, it will definitely be one of the best shooters out there.

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      BF3 looks AMAZING. :-| Best graphics I’ve seen on consoles yet. Pretty sure it’s going to blow CoD out of the water…and I’m a CoD fanboy.

  3. Raph84 Avatar

    If you are interested in online gaming xbox is the way to go. I’ve talked to people who own both consolses and they almost exclusively use the xbox for their online gaming.

    As for ghost recon…I haven’t played the more recent iterations, but the controls always seemed way to complex. I tend to stick with call of duty

  4. xpo172 Avatar

    Here’s a better video of what looks to be actual gameplay. Ghost has always been more stealth and small team tactics. Don’t know about all the invisible crap, but this level does look cool.

  5. More Russian bad guys, how original. *US41ZD0M1N4T3*

  6. brent Avatar

    i have a ps3…and while the recent shutdown was annoying, it gave me a forced break from video games and was refreshing. i kinda liked it. i still hate xbox, mostly because of the controller. i have small hands and the ps3 controller was always more ergonomic for me. that, and the fact that im already paying for the game, and my internet service, i dont want to pay even more money just to use their network. web browsing and bluray also attracted me to it. and the fact that i can use my bluetooth from my phone as my headset. IDK if xbox has the bluetooth or not. and, since i have a psp, it all interacts with my ps3 which is very cool. lastly, i think ps3 has a better (ps3 only) game selection. ive never been a fan of halo, and i love the metal gear solid series, killzone series, gran turismo series, uncharted series, and, who can forget SOCOM?

    1. Dillankid Avatar

      The bluetooth and console-specific games are the biggest things that I miss about the PS3. Halo is fantastic, but there are so many more on PS3…

    2. Perturbo Avatar

      Really…I have a ps3 and I hate the controller. Who’s bright idea was it to put the trigger button on the shoulder of the control. I like a trigger that actualy feels more like a trigger that a button. Shall we talk about wating what 45 minutes for the os to upgrade before you a can play anything. My PS3 became a blu ray DVD player that sometimes played games. Full disclosure, I have activated the thing in years, lighting screwed it up (yes, I had a surge protector.) They might have changed, somethings.

  7. bima86 Avatar

    i somehow got reminded with command and conquer..
    and the future soldiers shot sounded like laser guns.. pew-pew-pew

  8. The dude at 1:39 totally has some kind of Robocop helmet.

  9. Quint Avatar

    I’d have to say go with the PS3, while the Xbox is cool and all, the PS3 is a real workhorse, and the multiplayer (if your into that) is free. Also, netflix and a few other services are free on the PS3 whereas Microsoft tries to nickle and dime you to death for every little thing

    (I own both systems and MUCH prefer my PS3)

  10. Andrew Lane Avatar
    Andrew Lane

    Hey Mike,

    I have to break with the crowd and encourage you to get an X-Box 360. While I do own a PS3 also, I only rarely use it. Some people will argue that you need the PS3 since it does BluRay…but unless you actually collect DVDs/BluRays then just use your cable companies onDemand and save youself the expense of buying/using BluRays. The X-Box controller is actually very good and if you do any research you’ll find that it is far more liked and way more popular than the PS3 controller. The X-Box 360 has also outsold the PS3, many times over, so chances are you know more people with an X-Box 360 than a PS3. As far as games go: Modern Warfare, Halo Reach, and maybe Forza Racing. Oh and definitely L.A. Noire!


  11. since you seem to want to play shooter games, get an xbox. the controller is MUCH easier to use. everyone has already stated the obvious though… only other thing i’d add is that kinect is MUCH better than the ps3 thing. they are even creating the new racing game to track your head and move the camera where you look around from the cockpit of your car. anyway the great games on ps3 are mostly asian rpgs. though maybe the most realistic game firearms wise i’ve played ever was the newest metal gear solid. idk, if you actually want to game, get an xbox. if you want to buy $30 blu ray movies, get a ps3

  12. the newest ghost recon out right now is fantastic actually. definatly worth buying, very realistic and focuses on tactical positioning and choosing how to engage targets much more than the twitch fest that is call of duty

  13. Jacob Avatar

    If you have the money, a high-end PC is probably your best bet because it can do all the things a console does, and has more utility than a dedicated gaming platform. If you know what you’re doing, you can order the parts separately and build one for about $750 to $1000. Prebuilt ones cost a lot more, but on the whole don’t perform much better. The main disadvantages are that computers can be fussy and you’ll miss out on console exclusives, i.e. Halo, Killzone, etc.

    Also, I’d say that the online community on PC is better overall than on consoles because the price makes PC gaming sort of like a gated community, keeping out the riffraff. You may have to contend with more cheaters, though, because games on PC are easier to mod.

    1. Eightbyte Avatar

      This. Gaming PCs are the best for FPS games IMO, but you need a good computer to run it which is the only downside. Also you can actually go as low as about $500-600 on a DIY build and still have a pretty decent computer. The main focus would be on the graphics card and CPU, then RAM memory. All else is generally less important but still required.

      Of course, you’re probably more interested in spending money on guns, so my personal console recommendation would be the PS3. It’s not better nor worse overall than the 360 per se, but I prefer it for its free online play, controller, and reliability.

  14. I’d also go with a PC.

    Getting a PC that can game well will run you about as much as buying a PC that doesn’t game well, then buying a console. With the 360 you have to pay extra for LIVE to game online. With both consoles you have to pay extra for each game.
    The PC gets better graphics, mods, you can use the keyboard/mouse or if you want a 360 or PS3 controller, most PC games have added features above the console versions (larger server sizes for example), any hacks are easier for the developers to disable since they don’t have to deal with LIVE or PSN to update their own games, and finally my favorite reason is because of the community. There are much less children gaming on PC than there are on consoles. Either way though you really can’t go wrong anymore. The consoles are basically just stripped down PCs nowadays.

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