Firearm Negligence Video Compilation

Sit back and be thankful it wasn’t you:

And even better, learn what NOT to do.


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  1. That first one made my stomach knot even before the weapon discharged.

    1. Ditto. I wonder if the resulting injury is available to know?

      1. brent Avatar

        the first one, to me, almost looks fake. i see the muzzle flash and then the kick a good half second afterwards. i dunno, looks hinky. if it was real….then all i can say is wow.

        1. brent Avatar

          nevermind, seems real. after some googling, it turns out that it was at a syrian wedding, dad took the magazine out and forgot to clear the chamber, gave it to the kid to play with. play stupid games….

          1. brent Avatar

            oh yeah, and the guy died.

            1. I might sound like a terrible person, but… good. He deserved it.

              1. Well, that does sound terrible… although in the most draconian sense, true. I feel sorry for the kid and the family. Reckless or not, it’s very tragic.

  2. PFULMTL Avatar

    Great compilation. Will spread this around.

  3. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    A couple of those have nothing to do with negligence. It’s kind of difficult to understand the power of a shotgun untill you’ve shot it a few times. Same thing goes for any rifle or Handgun of large caliber. Yeah they have their own category, but they’re not really worth mentioning. It’s stuff that takes practice. Unlike, say the very beginning with the little kid and the pistol O.o

    And it’s not very fair to portray those ones on the individual with the weapon. Lord knows how many times i’ve seen someone hand an itty bitty little woman a .308 or a Desert eagle or something like that KNOWING what she’s gonna do. All for the sake of a ‘good laugh’ too. Blame the people off screen ^^

    1. Blame the people off screen indeed. I’m not sure if it was a brochure or manual, but the mfg of the Desert Eagle in 50 caliber states in plain English, “…for experienced shooters.” Here’s one horrible story that’s handcannon related.

      “Pistol’s recoil turns deadly

      by Dee Norton
      Seattle Times staff reporter

      A 24-year-old Redmond man is dead after being accidentally shot by a woman at a shooting range at a Bellevue gun shop.

      The man, whose identity hasn’t been released, was killed last night when the 30-year-old Kirkland woman, a friend, couldn’t control the recoil of a large-caliber revolver she was firing at the gun-shop range.

      Bellevue Police said the woman fired two shots toward a target at Wade’s Eastside Gun Shop, 13570 Bel-Red Road, about 8:45 p.m. The recoil from the second shot of the .44-caliber revolver sent the gun upward and to the side.

      While in that position, the woman fired a third shot, which struck the neck of the Redmond man, who was standing behind to the left of the woman.

      He died before reaching Overlake Hospital Medical Center, police said.

      The woman had some experience firing rifles, but was not familiar with large handguns, police said. The shooting appeared to be accidental, police said.”

      1. brent Avatar

        wow. that makes me so angry…

  4. anonymous Avatar

    Just because the negligence was not necessarily on the part of the shooter, does not mean that there was no negligence involved.

  5. The one with the RETARDED FEMALE POLICE OFFICER in Las Vegas. I hope they fired her fat ass. FUCK I hate stupid cops.

    1. If it’s anything like when the BART cop shot the hand cuffed suspect in the back and killed him, my guess is nothing happened to the cop. Ironically, the standards for them are LOWER than for us, even though they have all the supposed training. If a civilian has a ND, he’s in a world of shit.

    2. 032125 Avatar

      She was indeed off the force within a day or two, if memory serves.

  6. Austin Avatar

    At 1:52, I’d say that’s not negligence, that’s just the fact that he was shooting an INCREDIBLY large handgun.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      That’s exactly the point i was trying to make.

  7. Justin Avatar

    wow…. sometimes it scares me to think… holy crap… have I ever done something this fucking stupid, or are these people just complete fucking morons. First timers should not be left to just “figure it out.” What is it with chicks and recoil? I dont get it… Umm yeah…its a gun… it has recoil/kick… hold the damn thing like its gonna try and flip out of your hand… usually they get scared ont he first shot.. but once they familiarize themselves with said recoil… they pick it up pretty quickly… I dont think its cool to have a female shooter, or any novice, start off on a .44mag wheel gun just for shits and giggles… Your asking for it if you do. Your basically putting them, and your self in danger by playing a little “hurp durp thats a big gun” joke on your soon to be corpse of a friend. Hell… you might be the corpse if they fuck up bad enough. Christ these videos are scary…

  8. Dillankid Avatar

    I tried shooting a 12 ga. Benelli M1 from the hip as a teen and had a similar result as 1:37…except it shot itself straight back, butt first into the ground. Luckily it didn’t fire a second round into my back – so much for looking “cool”. Lesson learned…never again.

    You need to know what the weapon is capable of before firing it…looks like most of these people didn’t either.

    1. I recall someone letting a smaller framed female in our group fire their pistol grip 12 GA with a magnum slug. She held on, but the muzzle pretty much did a 360 degree arc on discharge. Thank god it was a pump, loaded with only with that one shell too.

  9. Carlos U Avatar
    Carlos U

    Giving a huge gun to a small woman is a sure way to create a gun phobia. Instead of having a future gunner, now you have someone who hates guns and will not touch them for life.
    And for God’s sake, if you are giving someone a huge gun to try out, please use only ONE ROUND.

    1. ditto, I like the one round thing in any semi auto for first time shooters

  10. first off babies with guns WTF! what i want to know is why guys always take the biggest gun in the cabinet and make their girlfriend , wife , friend, sister shoot it. its just stupid stupid stupid. also its not helping women to be new shooters or to get the wife, girlfriends out there shooting it is to our advantage that our women shoot, then when a lot of you guys buy a new gun you don’t “here why do you need another gun?” i dont have that problem, however.

  11. Steve Avatar

    Oh man, you added Heather LaCroix to that mix! She doesn’t belong in there with those rookies. Who hasn’t got a hot casing down their shirt before?