Battle At F-Stop Ridge

What an awesome idea.  Perfectly executed too.

Hat tip: Dillankid


8 responses to “Battle At F-Stop Ridge”

  1. brent Avatar

    2 favorite parts,

    the APOBS case full of cameras, and the 2 guys throwing down the tripod and mounting the camera like a gun team.

    1. brent Avatar

      nevermind, not an APOBS box but still cool.

    2. Todd S Avatar

      The crew served camera was an instant classic.

  2. Dillankid Avatar

    The guy @:43 all “I’m Rambo” made my day.

  3. As a photog, that made my day.

  4. As a photographer, I cringed when he threw that flash. Couldn’t tell what it was; I hope it was just a Sunpak or some junk like that!

    Loved the whole thing though. Very clever.

  5. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    What were they taking pictures of? O.o

  6. I loved the crew-served camera too. Funny thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if that setup cost more than a 240B and tripod.