Daniel Defense M4 Torture Test

12 minutes of “The LAV” beating the living crap out of the Daniel Defense M4:

“The LAV” isn’t quite as obnoxious in this video as in the previous one I got a lot of flack for criticizing.

Yea yea I get it, he’s a former operator who operated in operations. What the hell have I ever done?  Nothing most of you would find interesting, which is why I sit here and make fun of shit, deal with it.

Back to the video though, the explosion at around 7minutes was awesome!

Bottom line, Daniel Defense makes some tough stuff.  You can check out their website – HERE


9 responses to “Daniel Defense M4 Torture Test”

  1. 032125 Avatar

    Funny thing; I see more malfunctions out of AKs than AR-15/M4s. I don’t know if it’s because the AKs tend to be parts kits, or because the owners assume they can abuse the rifles, or what, but the AK toughness legend seems to be just that.

    1. I think its an observer bias, most people fine tune their AR-15s and once a spring wears down or it starts to hiccup, they call it crap, but if an AK stovepipes, or has an FtF, they’re just like “pull the carrier back and slam it home, its still working”

  2. Very similar to my setup. That rail is probably one of the best upgrades I’ve done to my own rifle.

  3. Vickers is damn lucky that when he packed dirt into the gun in the first scene, it did not obstruct the barrel and explode in his face.

    1. GruntDoc Avatar

      The barrel was taped for that test as well. I’m actually just as impressed with the red dot as the gun.

  4. Jared Avatar

    Fat sloppy fuck. He is about the size of a Marine LAV.

  5. Anyone know where you can buy one of their rifles? Everywhere I’ve looked (google and their site) is out of stock.

    You cant even buy an upper.

    1. Matthew Avatar

      AIMSURPLUS has the M4 and M4v3 in stock. Both are $1429 with free shipping to your FFL. When I ordered my M4v5 from AIM they had a promotion code that I found somewhere that dropped it from $1549 down to $1249 so look around a bit and they may have another one of those codes. Good Luck.


  6. Love my DDm4V5 have close to 5000 rds thru it in last 3 months and it has been great no FTF or FTE best AR on the market for the $$ in my opinion