Disney Withdraws ‘Seal Team 6′ Trademark Application

The entertainment company stepped back after the Navy moved to protect the naming rights for the unit of elite operatives that killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.


Glad they came to their senses (or rather were scared by the Navy stepping up).

You can check out the original story I did on the topic – HERE


3 responses to “Disney Withdraws ‘Seal Team 6′ Trademark Application”

  1. What I find despicable is that Disney rationed their actions:
    “A person familiar with the Disney’s plans told the Wall Street Journal the Burbank-based company’s intentions were misunderstood, saying Disney is considering producing a TV show about the elite squad… [That] filing sought to trademark the term “SEAL Team 6” for a range of uses, including hand-held video games and snow globes”

    So instead of trademarking the name for profit, as the public thought, they were going to use it to produce a TV, video game, and snowglobes to sell…. for profit

  2. mlk18 Avatar

    I am sure Disney’s intention were completely innocent and honorable. Then again this just might be the beginning of their plan to take over the world and serve as our global masters. I for one am prepared to do whatever I am told by our large eared over-lord. All hail Mickey!

  3. AJ187 Avatar

    Trademarking and such has gotten so stupid in this country. If you have a great idea for a seal team six show, then develop it and make it a unique intellectual property that if anyone would copy, it would be blatant. Don’t option names so you can someday, maybe use it for something. That crap stagnates creative ideas and entrepreneurship.