Nerf Super Soakers With Water Magazines

Magazine fed water guns are nothing new, but now NERF has a couple:

  • The Thunderstorm pistol is decently priced at $16 on Amazon – HERE
  • The Tornado Strike model is $20 on Amazon – HERE
  • Make sure to order extra high capacity assault water clips so can keep on soaking mofos – HERE (haha they do actually call them “clips”)

You might want to check out some youtube videos on them first though (they look pretty weak). If there is no danger of injecting water into someones blood stream, or detaching their retina i’m pretty much not interested in the water gun.


7 responses to “Nerf Super Soakers With Water Magazines”

  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    These have nothing on those really old GIGANTIC super soakers. Screw your non pump action, non gallon and a half holding piss guns.

    Somewhere in the shed i’ve got a pair of those 130 dollar beauties in a vacuum sealed bag(the ones that they sold on TV some time ago). You want A super soaker that will put an eye out? Those bad boys can break windows AND dent cars :D

  2. Aaron Avatar

    Yeah, in NY, CA, NJ, IL – 10 “squirt” limit. Bummer.

  3. What the hell are they clipping together? Water molecules?

  4. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    Yeah, what ever happened to those powerful super soakers? Never see ’em anymore.
    Last I heard was that they were banned because gang members would fill them up with bleach or ammonia and spray people with them as they drove down the street in their cars. Is this really true or some more made up stuff? Just so the government could ban them?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I heard that supersoaker legend too… I checked snopes and there is some buzz about it on there, but no actual report (not that snopes is a big authority on the truth or anything).

  5. Jayson Avatar

    I bought a HUGE supersoaker in 1998 for a July 4th party. It was obnoxious, something like 80psi and a huge tank that shot a freakin COLUMN of water. Pump action, long gun with a tank and Psi gauge. So i put it away for years. 2008 I find it when i’m moving, and i read online and find that they’ve been banned long before due to power knocking out kids eyes (ouch). I figured common sense would prevail but no, they stopped making them.

    I ended up selling that super soaker on ebay for almost $400. I bought it for 29.99. cha-ching.

  6. Dennis brewer Avatar
    Dennis brewer

    Can you call me 936 776 2857