Posts Starting Again At Midnight

Hey Everyone,

I got a lot done this past week, hope you guys managed to keep busy.  I’m still working hard all day, but i’ve got a whole bunch of posts lined up so stay tuned starting at Midnight tonight.

Now I know that letting everyone know publicly when I won’t be blogging is the best idea.  I didn’t get ANY inquiries into whether or not I was arrested or died this time, unlike last summer when I didn’t blog for a month and didn’t make a post about it.  Oops :P

You’ll find out about the projects I am working on at a later date.  Hopefully you’ll be as excited about them as I am.

If you’re not following me yet on Facebook and Twitter you should.  It easier to post quick updates there, so that’s where I do it first.

Take care,

Everyday, No Days Off


2 responses to “Posts Starting Again At Midnight”

  1. ocelot Avatar

    I’m excited to see those projects.