Soldier Uses Prosthetic Leg As Monopod

Talk about adapting:

Unfortunaly no none ever sources their pics, so I have no idea where this is from.  I assume it is some sort of wounded warrior program.

The gun appears to be a HK G3A3.


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  1. David Garrett Avatar
    David Garrett

    Can anyone gander a guess as to why he might be using a G3? I don’t think we ever adapted that rifle in any form.

    1. Sam Mclellan Avatar
      Sam Mclellan

      Defense Industries Organization makes them in Iran and are used all over middle east almost as much as ak-47. You can find them all over the battle field. hope this helps

  2. They might found it as a battlefield discard so probably foreign weapons familiarization would be my guess.

  3. CR Pyro Avatar
    CR Pyro

    Speculation over at Texas Gun Talk is that this was a wounded warrior shoot. Apparently Sgt. Butterworth was medically retired.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      I’m sure Mrs buttersworth is happy her husband has retired and is home :3

  4. 032125 Avatar

    TinEye brings up a Chinese website, looks like a news site but I’m at work so I’m not risking Chinese websites.

    If you don’t know TinEye, you can either upload files to the website and it’ll look for them, or get the Firefox attachment and search from the browser. Extremely useful tool for web sleuthing.

  5. 032125 Avatar

    OK I got home and finished researching this. It is indeed a Chinese article about US troops, with prostheses, on active duty in Afghanistan. Hopefully the link works, even if Google translate is spotty.