Bigfoot Exercises The 2nd Amendment

Bigfoot likes to dual wield!


4 responses to “Bigfoot Exercises The 2nd Amendment”

  1. This is awesome!

  2. ocelot Avatar

    Not only does big foot support the 2nd amendment it seems he is also a 1911 fan

  3. lone survivor Avatar
    lone survivor

    This was great! Got a kick out of it.
    Hope he was shooting at those guys who keep messing with him and stealing his beef jerkey (commericals on T.V.)
    Where is his Desert Eagle pistol in 50 AE? Or his Wildey pistol in 475 Wildey?

  4. im bigfoot stop saying all this shit about me or i will bang you XXOOXO PS MY NAME IS DAVE THE BABE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX