Budweiser Soldier Gay? Or Is Just A Bromance?

This is the type of serious business that gets discussed on the internet.

You be the judge:

I’m leaning more towards saying it was intended to be just his brother or good friend.  The lack of other people represented besides the two of them, and the long waists-touching embrace could suggest otherwise though.

Regardless of the homo/hetro-ness of the commercial, its good to see Budweiser supports the troops.

What do your gaydars read? Let me know in the comments.


25 responses to “Budweiser Soldier Gay? Or Is Just A Bromance?”

  1. Supporting our troops AND the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell.

  2. i like to think of myself as fairly anti-gay, and i dont think i wouldve thought much of it had you not planted the seed (hehehehehe) of gayness in my head.

  3. um….who gives a fuck? Not meant to be rude or anything, though. Just shocked that anyone would give a damn.

    1. Have to second that. From the looks of it He had to call someone and tell them he was coming home, and it looks like he brother or something. Unless hes playing YMCA by the village people, I dont think homosexuality would even be an after thought to some comercial like this. If your into that kind of thing, I see no shame in the game. More power to ya, aint my thing though.

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    My gaydar says… do want :3
    What self respecting man wouldn’t want it from a military man? Or better yet, a marine? o3o

    Though i really doubt this is supposed to be that way. It looks more like it’s just his bro or something. Bromance and all :D. But if it is, I am impressed Budweiser. Whomever came up with the idea belongs on a “Real men of genius” advert.

  5. Gardai314 Avatar

    Looks like best friends or brothers to me

  6. martin_j001 Avatar

    Looks like friends or brothers to me as well. But also, have to agree with Priest.

  7. Budweiser does support Gay Pride (‘Be yourself, make it Bud’ or ‘This Bud is for Everyone’) but all I see is two guys hugging in the commercial drinking bad beer.

    If they were drinking Coors though you would know they were straight.

  8. stomp13 Avatar

    Looks like friends or brothers to me as well. But also, have to agree with Priest.

  9. It really does seem like it is just his brother, mostly because it shoots to his/their dad after and at like :50 there is a moderately attractive female who i presume to be his girl

  10. WTF does this commercial have to do with gayness or dont ask dont tell? For all you know its meant to be his best friend or relative hes not saying I miss you baby lol! You are reading into it and if you havent worn this uniform as I and many other veterans that read this site have then you really shouldnt comment to much on any part of being a soldier.. because in the end its just a guess at something you know nothing about.. being a soldier.

  11. My gay-dar reads: I don’t give a crap.
    Also, InBev needs to stop propagandizing for the State and it’s wars. Stick to making crappy beer with world-class marketing.

  12. i would lean toward family or close friend no gayness here move along…. has our society really lost touch with male affection and it not be homosexual in anyway… like Seth and Amy from SNL would say “Really” Brothers and or friends can hug or show affection without it being gay “Really”
    Now if you want to get on a Ghey kick check this vid from deep within afghanistan


  13. Brother.

    1. Snow and Ash Avatar
      Snow and Ash

      I think it was intended to be a brother. If my brother were a soldier who was deployed and came back home, I’d probably hit him with the second hug in our lifetimes. The first was when his dog died after he lost his job after 9/11.

      Oh, and even if these dudes ARE gay, rock on, Land of the Free!

  14. Antibubba Avatar

    Gay? People see what they want to see. Geez.

  15. I am going to say they are totally gay. I say this, not because of anything I saw in the video, but because in this country people have the right to be gay despite what many others want to believe. If this offends anyone, I say that’s a good thing. Anyone who is against any type freedom, whether they exercise it or not, deserves to be offended and worse.

  16. LET THE GAY ISSUE GO ALREADY. What we need to be focusing on is why they didn’t pick him up from the bus stop. A gay guy would have been there on time, with his Toyota Prius and a 4 pack of wine coolers. But NOOOO. The guy was just saving our asses in the sand and when he gets home they make him walk home in the dark while they got their party on!? Not cool. They could have at least assigned one designated driver to pick him up. Budweiser’s new slogan should be “Let him walk, we have Bud to drink”.

  17. thebronze Avatar

    I didn’t see anything remotely gay, except this thread.

  18. Looks straight to me.

  19. The more important question in my mind is what self respecting friend/brother/boyfriend would give their whatever returning home Bud? I’d feel disgraced if I didn’t get him at least a Yuengling.

  20. Admin (Mike) Avatar
    Admin (Mike)

    LOL you guys are hilarious.

  21. farmboy7.62 Avatar

    Pure bromance!!

  22. ThatGuy Avatar

    I’m still trying to find the gay part….

  23. Herpderpingtion Avatar

    The only reason I’d say that the two are gay is that were the guy a girl, there’d be no question it was his girlfriend. Either way, it doesn’t really matter.