AK-47 Pistol Stupidity – How To Break A Lady’s Nail And Almost Her Nose

As soon as I hit play I was like AHHHHHHHH don’t let her do it!:

It’s no secret that Z-Boys Firearms gained 10,000+ subscribers and youtube partnership through the use of girls + guns. A brilliant formula that works every time.

I’m not hating, but a lot of the vids contain pure assholeishness that probably does more to get girls turned off of shooting guns… then it does to make them want to go shooting again. I clicked on a random video in order to try to find another example besides the one in the post, and 53 seconds into THIS video.. i’m sure you can guess what happens after you hit play on it.


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  1. Cameron Avatar

    That’s the one thing I hate about YouTube. People take their wife/girlfriend/dick parking lot of the week to the range to shoot, and never actually teach them to shoot. They give them the biggest, hardest recoiling gun they can, teach them an improper stance, and then laugh hysterically when they injure their wrists/hands or take a gun to the face because it flew out of their hands. I don’t find that funny, I find it dangerous.

  2. I hate these videos so much. Even if the woman knows how to use a gun, the video’s called “hot chick shoots a ___”.

    These videos are disrespectful, a very good way to put anybody off the sport, and contribute to the culture of “try the .22 – ladies usually prefer that one”.

  3. Gremlin Avatar

    I gotta say, I’m hating on zboyz. From walking in front of the muzzle to panning over to breasts and ass. Nothing about it was shooting. It was about making women look stupid with a gun in their hands. Now, my wife, she prefers my .22 pistol. With good reason. It does recoil less and it is more fun to shoot. Maybe someday she’ll move up to a major caliber firearm, that is her choice.

  4. Torontogosh Avatar

    Funny story about a busty woman in a low cut shirt at the range…

    So, her boyfriend was shooting to her left, and a piece of hot pistol brass flew down her shirt. Like all off us would, she pulled at her shirt with her off hand and leaned over, hoping to let the hot brass fall through her shirt.

    Then, the next piece of brass came from her boyfriend’s gun, but now it hit her in the face (as her body position was changed).

    Well, the end result was her flinching to getting hit in the face and her hands squeezed in surprise. She discharged a round, but now, her pistol was pointed at her boyfriends leg. The round, by the grace of God, hit his pocket knife and deflected down his leg. He was hurt badly, but recovered in full after about a month.

    The time of all three shots (2 of his, one of hers) about 1 second.

    I like cleavage a bunch, but it has no place at the range.

  5. I know this might sound a little off, but in my experience, I’ve dealt with more women who cant figure out how to use a gun even after you show them a dozen times, how to stand, how to hold it, how the safety works, how to load the magazine, how to detach the magazine, how to release the slide, how to chamber a round, how to clear a jam etc. Now, I will hand it to them, when they figure it out, they are usually not that bad. A friend of mine first couple shots all over the place. once she took a proper stance, leaned into it, and focused on her breathing, 5 rounds center mass grouping of .25″-.5″ at 30ft. First time shooter. Same goes for men though. Some just figure it out, and learn visually, others need excessive monitoring and baby sitting. I have found that some of the female friends I have often have better muzzle and trigger discipline than some of my male friends. I find the women are more concerned with this machine in there hand hurting them or others than the male douche bags I run into at the range, or, those that I am guilty of bringing to the range.

  6. Snow and Ash Avatar
    Snow and Ash

    I think a good move when teaching a beginner to fire a gun, or trying to help them get past the daunting bang/recoil/muzzle flash/smoke part of it, is to load one round at a time. That way, if the shooter loses his/her nerves and starts swinging the muzzle around, at least there won’t be another round chambered. When I was watching this, I kept thinking, “Her finger is on the trigger! NOOOoooo!”

  7. And we wonder why the anti-gun gun crowd never loses steam. Maybe if we could get a few more gun safety conscious people on You Tube and a few less camera wielding idiots that would help. Maybe not, but it would still make me happier.

  8. Here’s my favorite, Shes hot, her boyfriend laughs about it, and she is likely to never want to shoot again. Sad really.


  9. Cameron Avatar

    Also, what is it with the chick lean? Seriously.

  10. I know better. When I teach new shooters (women specifically), I tell them in advance not to wear anything low cut. And yet, I’ve still been inappropriately attired at the gun range. In fact, I’ve got 3 nice four day old burn marks from taking my new pistol to the range. And I’m no one’s definition of busty.

  11. @Cameron

    Had a friend who’s a CCW instructor break down his theory on that for me once.

    Basically, men are upper body dominant, but females are lower body dominant. It’s why Women are more likely to take to rock climbing quicker than men, because they’re more likely to push with their legs than pull with their arms than we are.

    You get the flipside with guns, which are by an large upper body dominant. It just takes a little more work for them to work out the proper stance because it’s using certain body parts in ways they aren’t used to.