Duel Me Like Your Mother

Saw this on TV yesterday:

Pretty interesting idea for a video.

No wait.. what I meant to say was “It promotes gun violence.  BAN ASSAULT CLIPS!”


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  1. PFULMTL Avatar

    they could have chosen a better location. A neighborhood as the background, really?

    1. Seeing how that looks an awful lot like Palmdale, I’d say it’s perfectly appropriate.

      1. I was RIGHT. It was filmed in Lancaster, CA. Same town more or less, they are butted up right against each other and form the greater ghetto desert community known as The Antelope Valley (it isn’t a valley and there are no antelope.) If you ever have the chance to visit, don’t.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. Running around a feild behind a “suburban” neighborhood with weapons. How long did it take for 50 cops and a SWAT team to show up, due to some hysterical homeowner. LOL

      1. No need. I just did some searching on Google Earth and this is right across the street, literally, from the California Sate Prison in Lancaster. 90% of the people who live in that neighborhood are law enforcement or corrections. I’m sure they were notified of the filming beforehand.

  2. This is a favorite video of my film class. I’m learning Adobe AfterEffects this semester… very doable.

  3. I kept thinking wow he sure is walking far.. far.. will it end.. lol. Then I thought wow if only they aimed a little. Course I can imagine some neighbor looking out telling his wife to come look at the two EMO kids in the field shooting eachother. :)

    1. I kept thinking that’s the worst trigger control I’ve ever seen. I was expecting them to accidentally shoot them selves in the foot or something.

    2. I just think it’s nice to see emo kids shooting each other rather than planning or executing a plan to shoot up classmates and school teachers and administration. If only we could convince them all, and gang members, abusive husbands, etc. while we’re at it, to only shoot each other instead of innocent people, we’d have it made.

  4. As much as I like MP5’s, I’d take an M16 in a duel over an MP5 any day. :)

  5. Johnnie F. Avatar
    Johnnie F.

    That was effing great! Those guys have been talking to freddiew I see.

  6. shockfish08 Avatar

    Hy I think the dude is Jack White from the White Stripes! Awesome! :D

  7. :LOL… She pushes the gun forward when she was shooting, and neither one was aiming… I blame the pistol grip *Rolls* *Puke*

  8. i like how he kept pulling the trigger on the m4 at the end and it kept clicking haha

  9. Eightbyte Avatar

    This is my favorite song by The Dead Weather, and also my favorite music video.
    +1 respect

  10. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    awwwww where was the high points lol

  11. proud hipoint user Avatar
    proud hipoint user

    lol naw that was awsome i wonder how many other people died from stray gun fire lol lolit was awesome when he push when he shoot like it was gonna shoot hard it was a geart idea show up on some desert like palace it was a symbol just like them not dieing they was all on the edge of humanity makes since right it home but not really they living but not really but i wonder do they always do that when he leaves the toilet seat up lol

  12. triplek Avatar

    At first I thought it was two chicks, not some dude and a girl. Damn.
    Surprised that Swat and every cop in town didn’t show up. What was the point of this video?

    1. Eh, at 4.5 minutes, SWAT and LEO were still en route.

  13. Their parents must have not hugged them enough as children. So they grew up to be emo hipsters. I despise these pathetic people who dress like fools only to gain the attention that their parents never gave them. Why would you want to dress like that?

    1. Eightbyte Avatar

      I despise the pathetic people who go around judging folks for their appearance and other superficial aspects, only to inflate their ego or espouse hatred. Why would you want to lower yourself to that?

  14. The accuracy and shooting proficiency of young hipsters these days is deplorable.
    On the other hand, they are certainly fashionable!

  15. Talk all the shit you want at least the man ( I think ) shouldered the weapon. Not aiming but going in the right direction.

  16. I love the effects – the bullets coming through the chick and out of her back, and daylight shining through the dude at the end.

    And as for the gun-handling – if the video had been done with tacticool people, it wouldn’t work. Part of the feel is supposed to be that these are two regular people resolving their differences, not two Gunsite instructors. :-) Lighten up, guys.


  17. Okay, that was just strange. I’m going to borrow this and let my readers se if they are able to find the meaning.

  18. Charlesincharge Avatar

    The Dead Weather is Jack White of the White Stripes and Alison Mosshart of the Kills. I secretly suspect Jack is pro-gun – he’s from Detroit, and he lives in Nashville now. One must hide their conservative beliefs in entertainment, but I think Jack may be a gun guy. For a musician, his gun handling is better than average in this video. Alison is from Florida, and her band, the Kills, rules. The Kills and the Dead Weather have great gun-related lyrics – “You’re so far from your weapon and you wanna go home,” or the chorus of “Get the guns out, get the guns out.” As a gun nut, and a huge fan of Jack and Alison, I am really excited to see them on a gun blog.

  19. Antibubba Avatar

    Looks like the couples therapy didn’t go so well, eh?