Swarovski Crystal Bejeweled AK-47

Italian sculptor Nicola Bolla, 47, is reknowned for using materials of natuarl beauty to create disturbing or even vulgar objects.

Wow, that looks like crap. Could he have left out any more detail?

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21 responses to “Swarovski Crystal Bejeweled AK-47”

  1. Pfulmtl Avatar

    friggin posers.

  2. I just can’t accept any diamond based representations of Russian/soviet arms that do not even include the cleaning rod.

    1. Sorry, crystal…. same gay different material

  3. Does it accept standard AK magazines? :)

  4. This would go really good with my Hello Kitty range bag and Ronco Rhinestone bedazzled tactical vest.

  5. kid charlemagne(nor) Avatar
    kid charlemagne(nor)

    that artist probably thought he would turn some heads but what he did not realize is that flashy diamond guns isn’t new, the mexican drug lords have done it for years.:P

  6. hey.. look, it’s the AK from the middle ages.. it’s wearing a chain mail :D haha..
    argh.. why is her finger on the (what’s supposed to be..) trigger.. bad dog !! bad dog !!

    1. i think i read uncle’s blog too much. first thing i thought was “get your booger hook off the bang switch”.

  7. that thing is really ugly

  8. SouthPawByNW Avatar

    It looks like a giant AK inspired popsicle.

  9. Looks like bubblewrap.

  10. I hope they where made out of conflict diamonds.

    1. *hoped*

  11. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    That’s tackier than that mustang-fighter-paintjob’d Lamborghini that one black guy owns :/

    And seeing as how it’s made out of fake stuff, it’ll blend :D

  12. Oh the predictability of artists. The train of thought runs as follows:

    “I want to make a [bold / shocking / controversial / subversive] artistic statement because I’m a [fearless / brilliant / misunderstood genius / dark / relevant] artist. What two things can I combine that NOBODY has EVER thought of before? Something beautiful….like …. crystals! Yeah, that’s it!

    And now I need something [icky / scary / bad / ugly / politically unpopular] that all of my [ socialist / humanist / pacifist / environmentalist ] friends will applaud and tell me how [bold / shocking / controversial / subversive / shocking] I am….maybe a fetus? No, something more universally despised… eureka! Guns! Everybody hates and fears guns, right? How [fearless / brilliant / misunderstood genius / dark / relevant] of me! I’m so [bold / shocking / controversial / subversive] !

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL so true.

    2. Cameron Avatar

      I never understood how this can be considered “controversial”. Maybe it’s because I’m not an artist, but I don’t see how this is meant to be OH GOD SUPER CONTROVERSIAL WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS art. I really don’t.

      1. Because it’s a gun. There are places and people so neutered that a gun literally terrifies them.

  13. I bet its a “Bitch” to Clean!!!

  14. El Duderino Avatar
    El Duderino

    I think Elvis owned one like that, only with sequins :)

  15. Shouldn’t it have Swarovski optics mounted?