Steal Wi-Fi From Your Neighbors With A Gun

If you’re going to steal Wi-Fi, at least make sure you do it with tact(ical goodness):

Although I’m never a fan of using a gun for something other than it was intended for, because of the possible repercussions.  You can’t argue with the fact it makes sense from an efficiency standpoint because of the inherent ergonomics.

I like how this guy did it classy too, by incorporating the camera mount into the magazine, and using a regal looking mini tripod.  Not to mention the fact he used an airsoft HK frame.. just to really say “Neighbor, you suck and I hate you so I’m stealing your wi-fi with this gun” (reference)

More pictures and a parts list – HERE

Hat tip: Not sure, it was shared to me with my own email address as the sender.  Thanks future self? Make sure to send back the winning lottery numbers next time hehe