A 16-year-old who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives:

Looks good… anyone seen it yet?


12 responses to “Hanna”

  1. Dan Todd Avatar

    I watched it last Saturday. Lots of action but – IMHO – the plot was fractured, the acting was marginal, and the special effects were not cohesive. I was very disappointed! Just my opinion

  2. The wife and I saw it last weekend with some friends. The cinematography is interesting, and the soundtrack is very well done. I have to concur with Dan that the plot seems a it fractured and the climactic plot point seems a bit ham-handed. That said, the movie was worth seeing in general, though I don’t know that I’d pay to see it in the theater. (As a side note, they treated the weapons used fairly and the actors seemed comfortable with them)

  3. Surely this is a remake of Kick-Ass?

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    New films these days…

    To put it in perspective how much i dont want to watch this(untill it comes out on DVD anyway), i’d rather watch smokey and the bandit part 3 over and over again. And that’s a god aweful movie. And a shame to Smokey and the bandit in general lol.

  5. Perturbo Avatar

    Never thought you would remember the days of Ma Reno’s Justice department with fondness did you?

    Welcome to Holder’s and Cass Sunstein’s Department of Injustice.

    1. Perturbo Avatar

      Stupid computer, I thought I was on the ATF story page.

      Ignore earlier comment.

  6. this was nothing we haven’t seen before. jason bourne meets leon the professional inna woods.

  7. armed_partisan Avatar

    Le Petite Femme Nikkita… uhh, Hanna.

  8. Good action scenes, but the plot was as full of holes as a target shot with a 30 round assault clip.

  9. triplek Avatar

    I saw it, I’ rate it a “C”. Can’t figure out why she had to leave the cabin when she was 16 (or is she suppose to be 14?) (why didn’t she wait until she was grown up like 20 or 21? She would be a lot smarter and more knowledgeable) and why did her and her father not go together? Since her father gets killed near the end of the movie, where is she going to live? And where will she get money to live on? The government would put her into a local school to study to become a vegan and a lesbian.
    I suppose if it makes enough profit there will be a sequel.

  10. heyjamesguesswhat Avatar

    Despite the directors attempt at counteracting the “misogynistic and misanthropic, and kind of gun-loving, Republican bullsh*t” action films, I enjoyed it. Of course the plot “twist” is pedestrian. I’ll watch it again though just for the visuals.
    And Cate Blanchette’s character uses a cute nickel plated Walther PP with her initials embossed on the grips.