AR-15 Magazine Insertion Tip From Dean Caputo

Wait.. did he actually say that? *Rewind* … Hmmm yup LOL.

More vids from some experts at panteao productions – HERE

Hat tip: Matt


19 responses to “AR-15 Magazine Insertion Tip From Dean Caputo”

  1. Just the tip?

    1. Whammy! Avatar

      Just for a second; just to see how it feels.

  2. thanks Dean

  3. Just glad he left out the where he pays him for the service.

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    What? Who? Wha…. im at a loss for words.

  5. Thanatos Avatar

    If it don’t click, it didn’t stick! Not really sure about his analogy though…smh….lmao

  6. That was extremely lame

  7. Locked in? You mean I’ve been doing it wrong all these years?

    1. HB you dick!… you stole my comment. LOL

  8. Give it a slight pull, like sex, to make sure it’s locked in place? Has this guy ever had sex?

  9. Carlos U. Avatar
    Carlos U.

    Agreed. That was dumb.

  10. Perturbo Avatar

    One word.


  11. farmboy7.62 Avatar
    farmboy7.62 Thats a great weight off of my mind.

  12. Canids lock together during sex… maybe he’s a ‘dog fancier’.

  13. I’ve been through his course. I don’t remember hearing that before!

  14. Mike Bussy Avatar
    Mike Bussy

    I hope I never get locked having sex!

  15. Johnnie F. Avatar
    Johnnie F.

    He must be thinking about raccoon sex I guess?

  16. SouthPawByNW Avatar

    Did he buy the rifle dinner first and will he call “her” back?

  17. Vhyrus Avatar

    someone really needs to edit this vid with a needle sliding off a record sound right at that point.