Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Run And Gun With Nutnfancy

Grab a can of redbull because you’re in for the long haul:

The length of that guy’s videos is just getting out of hand. I don’t have the attention span, nor the time to watch YouTube videos that are almost an hour long, and contain about 2 minutes of useful information.

Figured some of you guys would like to see the KSG in action though.


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  1. Wallace Avatar

    I cannot stand nutnfancy. The guy is such a ‘tacticool’ douche.

  2. This guy is a joke and a wanabe, he is a Lt Col in the Utah Air Guard and is an air refueler pilot not spec ops or anything like he leads on and as far as his LEO as he implies HE IS A NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH CAPTIN, I was in the army 11b and was in IRAQ, when a poser like this implies he is something he not it gets me riled up and forget the fact that he is long winded, his voice would make Helen Keller run away, and he seams like the typical POG ass officer grunt wana be FU nutnfancy

    1. WOWWWWW!!!

      this guy is still serving his country, and I have been watching his videos here and there and he has never lead on to be a spec ops guy. I think he’s a knowledgeable guy who is a little long winded and likes tacticool stuff, but why shit on him like that? I thank you for your service, but you seem like a douche when you say you were in the army and put IRAQ in all caps.

      My dad, God rest him, was in wwii, on Omaha beach, San Lo, and the Siegfried line, he earned both a purple heart and a bronze star. You know how often I heard him patting his own back and telling the world about his service? NEVER!

  3. WOW that video lags out and is terrible who wants to watch these douche bags talk .. im interested in the weapon not there arm chair spec-ops!

  4. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    “I don’t have the attention span, nor the time to watch YouTube videos that are almost an hour long, and contain about 2 minutes of useful information”

    This. Just because You can make youtube videos past 15 minutes long doesn’t mean you SHOULD! Especially when the majority of it is tooting your own horn, and circle jerking it with a few friends about guns. In fact, that’s the problem. He’s waaay over-confident in his masculinity. I bet he’s got Truck Nutz on his truck >.>

    In fact, i bet he’s hiding something. I bet he’s a mans man and just hides it behind everything. Guns, family, and Gun bros make the perfect convincing cover! He’s not exactly a queen, but something is up… I’ve been a fan far too long to believe anything but! o3o

    I think what He needs is a hug to be told it’s okay that he’s like that. And when he comes to terms with his inner homo he’ll be a more likeable guy overall, his videos will be shorter and less balls. It’s a foolproof plan :D

    As for the KSG, do want. It’s like a neostead, minus the ridiculous price and tatcical ability. Also, it’s kel tec, so you know it’s awesome. Heck, how could this plus 3 1/2 inch magnums not be awesome?

  5. Raph84 Avatar

    It really sucks that he doesn’t seem to know how to pare his vids down to a reasonable length. He actually gets some pretty good access for interviews and new products, but it is a chore to make it through sometimes. His Beretta booth vid from shot show with the ARX-160 was awesome, but there were about 10 minutes of wasted time where he just rifs that could have easily been left on the cutting room floor.

    I think his vids have gotten worse too (because the amount of followers he has makes him think he can do no wrong). He just tries way to hard to be one of the cool kids, and it does not work.

  6. PFULMTL Avatar

    When I first got into guns, I watched some of his reviews where he was at home and they were reasonable length. Now it’s just a joke. I hate the music he puts on his videos too.

  7. I can’t get past that retarded holster on his vest. He’s breaking the 180 anytime he turns to his left. If he came on my range wearing that I’d make him take it off.

  8. Joe Mama Avatar
    Joe Mama

    Gecko45 unmasked!

  9. snoopycomputer Avatar

    Does anyone know of any other vids on YouTube showcasing the KSG in action, not just standing static shooting at targets? Like 3-gun guys that have put it through its paces in timed competition? I know from my shooting experience that firing at a range and firing under pressure can produce two different results on the same gun.

    1. mmasse Avatar

      I don’t think the KSG is a legal 3-gun competition gun due to the magazine capability 14+1. At least from all the rules that I have read.

      1. The KSG would likely only be legal for Open Division, where it would be at a HUGE disadvantage due to being a pump and impossible to reload in a hurry.

  10. armed_partisan Avatar

    I was actually in one of his videos once. He asked me to do an interview, and I agreed, because it was the SHOT show, and marketing was my job (one of many) and after doing five or six introduction attempts, he finally got one he liked, and then he kept rolling for THIRTY FIVE MINUTES. Asking question, after question, after question. Telling bad joke, after bad joke, after bad joke. And the camera was on me personally nearly the entire time. I couldn’t scratch my nose, or drink any water, it was like being in boot camp again.

    All of the fan boys who saw the video made fun of the fact that I didn’t have ever single obscure and meaningless detail about every single product that the company I worked for had ever made. It was the longest stretch of improvisation I have ever done in my life, and by the end of it, I was pretty much ready to smack him. Then, he put nearly the WHOLE VIDEO up on the internet without any editing, just a music intro and fade out.

    He’s a nice guy, and very enthusiastic, but he’s just one of those people you knew back in school who was super hyper and annoying and didn’t mean to be, but couldn’t help it. He definitely needs to work on editing and stop with the 20 minute takes. Also, there’s a reason why Youtube videos are default limited to 10 minutes. People need to realize that if you can’t say what you have to say in TEN MINUTES, you should probably work on that.

  11. You know what’s worse than nutnfancy? His hordes of hiveminded, circle-jerk, COWADOOTY-PLAYAN’ fanboys who always praise him to the point of fellatio.

    Search youtube for “Run n’ Gun” videos and you’ll see what I mean. Nutnfancy-style “RUNNIN’ AN’ GUNNAN’” videos have become the growing cancer of the shooting community. If I ever hear someone use the term “POU” in real life I will shit a brick.

  12. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Sure beats watching crap like Top Shot.

    1. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      Considering my findings, can we watch him just because he’s moderately attractive and knows his way about a gun? Rather than the intended reason of Watching him be a Faux Pro?

  13. settles Avatar

    He’s not objective anymore. He’s paid to push products. I used to like his videos but I got tired of hearing sales pitches, and his sister is a bitch+1/2. Try to leave a constructive criticism(not a douchey random insult) on one of his videos. You will get wacked with the ban-hammer. Plus there is a lot of speculation that his sister has a shitload of fake accounts that they use to get other guys google ads accounts yanked if they start drawing too much attention away from the hours of nonsense he throws up.

    That shotgun is sweet though! :p

  14. Yeah, his videos have too much small talk in them, I like Hickok45’s though, straight to the point and he really does show nothing fancy, just guns, and old fashioned iron sights (which I feel like no one uses anymore)

    As for the KSG, something about spending ~$14+1 to load your gun feels expensive,thats not to say fun though

  15. I don’t understand where all the hate comes from for this guy. If you think his vids are too long then skip ahead or turn them off. Don’t waste time bitching about it in other forums. The guy is constantly saying he is not the best and that what he is doing is reviewing gear not teaching people how to be special forces.

    1. Tracertong Avatar


  16. man, that is a long ass video.

  17. it takes so fucking long to load a 45+ minute video that i cant even skip ahead if i wanted to.

    that said, i watched his knife/table top reviews back when he first started, but when they got past 20 minutes and he added the trance music i couldnt stand it anymore.

  18. Sweet shotgun. Unsweet vid.

    When I was a new gun owner, the videos were bearable given my excitement to learn about different things, but nowadays I’m really wishing he just stuck to his notes and gave a clean review instead of veering off on all these rabbit trails. I’m at that stage of gun knowledge that I don’t need even 3/4 of his extra content/random info, I just want to see how the gun performs and if it’s worth purchasing. I hate having to hear about the gun 3/4 of the time before we get to the actual utility of it.

    Yes, I’ve converted to tnoutdoors9 and hickok45. The ratio of info:action is something these guys have nailed down.

  19. snoopycomputer Avatar

    His part 2 is up, 45 MORE minutes. heh heeh
    and it looks like there’s prob going to be a Part 3 too. I can feel the flames from here. :D

    1. armed_partisan Avatar

      You gotta be shitin’ me. OH GOD! You weren’t!

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL I thought you were kidding too *facepalm*

  20. Wow, what a bunch of haters; I’m disappointed in you guys. The guy is a gear reviewer. He wears a lot of gear at a time because he reviews gear. He says he’s not a pro, he says he isn’t great at shooting.

    Personally I want to know every little detail about something expensive before I buy it. A lot of reviewers don’t tell you anything you couldn’t read straight out of a gun rag, or (worse) they just parrot the manufacturer’s blurb. If I’m going to consider spending a week’s pay on something, I want someone to go over it with a fine toothed comb.

    Sadly, by the sound of it, a lot of you will just blow me off as a sycophant or armchair warrior. What a shame.

    1. No one’s complaining about Nut’s lack of information… tacticool jokes aside, they are complaining how it takes him 45+ minutes to do this:

      Information… ramble … ramble… tactically…. ramble…Glocks are the best… ramble… information… ramble… this vest I have on will carry NINE of these… ramble…. information…. oh, here’s my checklist…. ramble… ramble… let’s skip point #2 and skip to #5… ramble…. ramble… information about #3… ramble….

      1. Maybe it’s a generational thing; I’m so used to skimming for content that I don’t worry about the rambling. Perhaps older views treat it like a TV show and get bogged down in the fluff? Apparently there are some weirdos who like the filler, because he’s got legions of fans.

        1. Maybe so, but as I mentioned earlier, when I was just starting to get into guns, his YT vids were extremely valuable as I was able to pick up firearm nomenclature (excluding sheepdogs) and other “culture” related things. I sincerely wish that people with that type of curiosity find Nutnfancy’s vids and get that initial fascination to make sure they keep exercising gun rights/ownership.

          I should also clarify that my annoyance is more with his tabletop reviews. Although, the KSG vid was torturous… I can appreciate the run and gun, but do we have to watch the in–betweens of the four of them run it? There’s a lot of stuff worth abridging in his vids that would make the 20+ minutes flow easier for the viewer.

  21. utahdog Avatar

    Nutnfancy, where do i start???? your last guy on the course looks like he needs a nebulizer treatment, anyways shorten your vids, your getting pretty lame as of late.