New Zealand Army Marksmanship Game

There’s a game up on the YouTube channel of the New Zealand Army:

The graphics are awesome. But… it’s difficult to control, and the 4x ACOG coupled with the shooters asthma starting pissing me off very quickly.

I made it up to level 9 before I wanted to smash my computer to tiny pieces… proof:

The game is at the top of their YouTube page – HERE


13 responses to “New Zealand Army Marksmanship Game”

  1. I played this a week or so ago. I think I made it to the 300m shot where your heart is going like a jackrabbit. If the game let you hit space to hold breath I think it would have been a lot more fun.

  2. Cameron Avatar

    I hit level 14, and gave up. You had 7 seconds to put two rounds accurately on target at 350m while your character is apparently hyperventilating. I can’t do it, because I take the first 2 seconds to get the gun ready and by the time I’m on target and about to fire the breath lets out.

  3. I think I got to level 4 before the horrible breathing and crap-tastic mouse made me just quite before something bad happened.

  4. All that deep breathing made my wife think I was watching a porno. Must make the New Zealander’s easy to spot with all that heavy breathing

  5. Holy that game is frustrating. I didn’t make it past level 3

  6. Man, those 2 target, 7 seconds ones are a bitch. I got stuck on level 12 with 815 total points. Couldn’t do better than 19.93 out of the 20 needed to get to the next level. Pretty frustrating. I can hold my breath for 7 seconds, why can’t the game!

    1. Ok. Tried it again and squeaked through by two points! I’m giving up at round 14. That’s got to be very nearly impossible.

  7. wow… level 14 is tough… i wonder if a wired hi-dpi mouse would help.

  8. Level 12 is a bitch, and thus I stopped.

  9. @MROD: I have a wired hi-dpi gaming mouse, and it doesn’t help much. I gave up at level 14.

  10. Silumet Avatar

    If you persevere, the bonus level is quite fun.

  11. timo clunie Avatar
    timo clunie

    dude how do i play it cant find it anywhere

  12. its not anymore