M1 Thumb

Happens to the best of us… although hopefully not to that degree.

A less painful video demo involving a highlighter:

Not ideal…

The movie is called 71: Into The Fire

Hat tip: Michael B


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  1. For all the worship of the Garand, I’ll keep my AR; thank you very much. Funny how people deify something long after it has been outstripped.

    1. You mean like the 1911?

      1. Easy on the 1911. Still a completely serviceable combat pistol in the hands of someone who knows how to care for it.

      2. The 1911, as far as I know, doesn’t eat digits.

        1. M1 thumb really only ever happens when you incorrectly load the rifle, and/or when the rifle is out of spec.

          In my experience, following proper loading procedure causes the bolt to stop before it has stripped the first round from the clip, thus requiring a love tap on the back of the op-rod handle to close the action.

    2. At least they didnt keep beating a dead horse, like the AR. Talk about obsolete.

  2. I like how in the first video, the guy begins to load the clip with his right hand, and then he somehow manages to garand thumb his left hand

    1. Henry Bowman Avatar
      Henry Bowman

      Yeah, well, that’s because his right hand, unlike his left hand, is a real hand. :-)

  3. Perturbo Avatar

    My Father used to call the M1 the thumb buster, he still respected it. It’s a case of proper training.

  4. I have a ThumbSaver on mine for just that reason…

  5. It’s really easy to avoid guys, as long as you are holding pressure down on the top cartridge it can not move forward. The bolt is pushing against the top round and your thumb should be pushing that top round down with considerable force to prevent this exact thing from occurring. Once you let up slightly, the bolt will go forward and take the round with it.

    The above is only true if your Garand is properly timed, however if it isn’t then it will just try to close on the clip as you’re pushing it down. This will result in the bolt pushing on the solid back of the clip trying to chamber the entire thing which is impossible so it will just sit there unless the timing is so bad that the bolt closes as soon as anything touches the follower, in which case it will shove the clip out of the way and just close on an empty chamber.

    I do not fear my Garand as I know how it operates. For any of you Garand owners out there who don’t believe me, trust me (yes I know, trust a random stranger on the internet) and try it for yourselves: Shove the clip in really hard and hold your thumb down with incredible force on the top round. The bolt will unlatch but it will not go anywhere until you let up enough to allow it to overcome the friction of your thumb and slide the round forward. Don’t do this with wet fingers though….

    This guy’s case though… He’s being bumrushed by a bunch NOKO-COM assholes so anyone would panic in a situation like that. BTW to the guy who said he magically got his left thumb smashed… I have had m1 thumb happen to me once… and it was my left thumb just like his (I’m right handed). I was playing around with my Garand when I first got it though… and I was using an empty en-bloc clip. I deserved it. hahahah

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  7. jeff from CA Avatar
    jeff from CA

    Badass, looks like another intense Korean War movie with sweet Garand action.

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  9. Dragon76 Avatar

    Ive done this with my SKS and it hurts like a Bitch. But no amputation was invloved

  10. Very cool clips. I know it is unlikely to happen but if you are not trained properly and don’t practice it could. Be careful out there!

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