Tactical Rossi Ranch Hand Mares Leg



If only the tactical version was not a photoshop. The audacity of that version makes me want it even more.


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  1. That one guy Avatar
    That one guy

    If those cheap bastards on Sons of Guns can make a tactical Thompson, they can sure as hell make one of these. And good lord, i’d buy it D:

    Besides, you can give it to your designated marksman. He’ll use it to good effect lol.

  2. a foregrip on a pistol is a big no-no without AOW status. good thing its just a photoshop.

    1. If the stock/grip telescopes on the tacticool version, that would also make it an SBR due to the bbl length. All these dumbass laws need to go the way of the dodo.


    1. It’s a pistol

      1. not in Canada. in canadia land it’s a rifle

  4. Matt in AZ Avatar
    Matt in AZ

    I had to laugh, because “as is” the Ranch Hand is total BS. If I could build one like the photoshopped one then it would actually make sense(stock extended of course). LMAO ROFL and eff the BTAFE.

    1. This little handgun / rifle is a blast to shoot and the 357 /38 can take out a Racoon @ 100 yds. So what’s BS about that butthead!!!!

    2. phil bishop Avatar
      phil bishop

      Mare’s leg.”if you could build one” Why not?
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    3. mr tactics Avatar
      mr tactics

      how is it bs? i can hit with my .44 mag 12 inch plates at 200 m….you just dont know how to shoot one thats all…

  5. Tactical, tactical, tactical. Am I the only person alive that is so freaking tired of hearing this term?
    It imbues the wannabees with a sense of skill while depleting them of their money. Tactical is within your hands, heart, and skill. It cannot be bought.

    1. Thats funny, because when I was 12, I saw things like “tactical vest” and “tactical stock” and looked up what it meant. I remember being really confused.
      Now the term has lost meaning to me, and they’re divided into: hmm that looks useful! and thats tacticool-looking!

    2. Mr Evilwrench Avatar
      Mr Evilwrench

      In many cases (such as this) it’s used with a deep sense of irony. It’s become a self-parody. And yes, the front grip turns a pistol into an AOW (right? I’m still learning), but the extensible stock turns it into an SBR. You’d probably be fined according to the number of BATFE bureaucrats’ heads that exploded trying to reconcile all your violations with their regulations, which are themselves what they call “living, breathing documents”. Or “lurking in ambush” or something like that.

    3. That one guy Avatar
      That one guy

      “Tactical is within your hands, heart, and skill. It cannot be bought.”
      Wow man. That was beautiful :’D

    4. mr tactics Avatar
      mr tactics

      tactical is just a sales pitch there is no such word as it… there is tact and tactics but no word ad tactical… hear is a youtube video i made just on the subject. https://youtu.be/fKk6MH1EvUw

  6. pffffft…..there ain’t no shoulder thing that goes up. Tacti-un-cool…..

  7. Critter Avatar

    Rule #1 of Tactical: Look Cool.

  8. Toadstone Avatar

    I think it’s hilarious that if I could manage to conceal it, I could carry a mare’s leg. Maybe off-body? Hmm…

    1. Two big options: strong-side, in a leg holster and covered by a duster (think Zoe from Firefly); or muzzle-down in a shoulder rig like the shotgun in Andrews Custom Leather’s “Firepower” rig.

      And if you can carry an AK-47 “pistol” or an AR “pistol”, this shouldn’t raise many eyebrows. At least it’s in a traditional pistol cartridge…

  9. Ah, the Steve McQueen “Wanted: Dead or Alive” Mare’s laig for me. His fired standard Hollywood 5 in 1 blanks, but he had monster .45/70 rounds (dummies) in his belt for a pronounced visual effect.

    Later versions had his finger lever blown out a bit and the hammer tilted up to facilitate cocking. After the show was over, he went on to do “The Magnificent Seven”, a borrowing of the “Seven Samurai” from Kurasawa. On the set he seemed to enjoy tormenting Yul Brynner, kicking dirt of Yul’s “close up mound”. (Yul was short, and stood on a pile of dirt to hide that in closeups.)

    Yul had never done a western before, so McQueen was tasked to teach him the fundamentals of quick draw. Yul learned quickly, but McQueen would always put in a bit of flair, a spin-flip on holstering when being filmed, which looked too good to cut to the editors compared to the “square” draw and holster motions of Yul. McQueen ended up with more screen time than Brynner.

    1. Sharpie Avatar

      That’s surprising McQueen did that to Yul Brynner, because he did the same thing during filming of the Great Escape when standing beside the author of “The Tunnel King”

  10. D. Hughes Avatar
    D. Hughes

    My first Mare’s Leg was a 1894 Winchester Trapper in 45 Colt with a 16″ bbl. Carried nine rds of hollow-point. My Lt had me keep it in my cruiser for when we had liquor or drug raids. Some times it was a toss-up whether he wanted the mare’s leg or the red 9 broomhandle with shoulderstock leading the bust. He talked me out of the 94 when I went back on active duty, I wouldn’t part with the red 9. I now own a couple of mare’s legs in stainless and blue. Shooting them is an acquired taste and practice technique. But the S.A.S.S. matches are a blast when the only long gun I carry in my hand is a rabbit eared double. Everthing else is on the gun belt.

    1. phil bishop Avatar
      phil bishop

      Stainless Mare’s Leg?

  11. […] = 'wpp-255'; var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};First there was the “tactical Ranch Hand:” Too bad it's just a photoshop […]

  12. LOL. I’m thinking; “I’ve never seen that before.” then noticed it was photoshopped. looks impractical enough to be fun.

  13. Forget the photoshop version I resently mounted a quad rail to my Rossi Ranch Hand. Go to the attached website to view the pic. It looks and feels great. I am currently trying to see if there is a market so please email me your opinions. I still plan to powder coat the parts to make it all black again.

  14. matt nelson Avatar
    matt nelson

    The Rossi Mare’s Leg isn’t even to scale! The stock needs about two inches knocked off and the barrel’s about an inch too long just @ a quick glance! I know in some shows it had the rounded loop, but in most screen shots the loop was more square!

  15. Mike Pope Avatar

    Would like more info on quad rail for rossi ranch hand…….

    1. The quad rail is for an AR that I got off Amazon. I CNC machined a front a back adapter plate to replace the front stock. I mill bored the front and back of the quad rail to match the adapter plates and it fits up perfect. I removed the front sight to disassemble the front stock and instead of putting it back on I made a collar that would cover over the dove tail cut into the barrel. I have the accessories on now so I need to post a new picture.

  16. tactical ranch hand? imo, that is all kinds of wrong.

    i like wood & steel and think it makes for the most aesthetically pleasing guns. black tacti-cool is just the flavor of the month imo.

    to each their own of course…..but when i bought my mini 14, i got rid of the cheapo black synthetic stock as quickly as i could & put a fine wood stock on it

    the ranch hand is plenty cool…AS IS!

  17. Here is the way around the ATF mess… Keep the same stock – just rubberize it for better grip – the foregrip can be changed to a “tactical” style, ergonomic grip with a top and side rail for a red dot sight and a tactical light. No under mount rail is really needed on this type of weapon. Lastly, rubberize the foregrip, and parkerize the barrel and action area. All that would be needed is a Cordura Nylon “tactical” style thigh holster and your all set.

  18. I purchased the 44 caliber version of the Rossi strictly for the visual impact and to have something that makes me smile when I see it. I have a wide variety of guns but this is the only one that brings back good memories of a televsion show I liked , an actor I liked from his acting, and a “unique” gun. If I wanted something more accurate, less hassle, or whatever I would have bought a double for one of the other guns I have. This was a pleasure gift to myself and I enjoy it for what it is. I have long rilfes but if i had the chance to by a copy of the riflemen’s rifle i would do it just to have it. what can i say other than that? Buy it because it makes you smile and if it doesn’t leave it on the shelf and don’t critize it.

  19. John V Avatar

    If I can buy and install a shoulder stock for my glock, why the heck can i not get a quick release stock as well for the rossi ranch hand?

  20. William R. VanScoy Avatar
    William R. VanScoy

    Do you have wood But stocks for sale for a Rossi Ranch Hand 44 Cal. If so How much and how do I get one. Thanks

  21. JustinHuman Avatar

    @ Matt in AZ, there is absolutely nothing BS about this gun. I have one in 44 mag. And not only is it very accurate and fun to shoot, it looks freaking cool, too. The only problem I’ve encountered is having to prove to the range Marshall’s that it os, in fact a handgun so they wouldn’t kick me off the action targets. The fore grip would be awesome if it was legal. It would just be that much easier to handle recoil and muzzle flip. (Though I consider that part to be fun, anyway)

  22. Although perhaps sacrilegious to some, I “tacticalized” my ranch hand 38/357 with a 6 position, collapsible, low profile stock, along with a 5″ rail on top and 3 2″ rail on the fore-end – it works well & looks great IMHO

    1. Forgot to mention… if you want to see a pic of my rossi, just click on my name…. wasn’t sure how I could post a pic any other way

      1. Hey bud just wanted let u know if you are in the US that is illegal unless registered with the atf. If you want to put a stock on one of these you have to first put an extension on the barrel to get it up to 16″ and weld it or blind pin it on so it can’t be easily removed. Or register it as an sbr.