Steve Lee Is Officially Monotonous

Steve, Just because “I Like Guns” was a moderate internet success, it doesn’t mean you have to beat a dead horse and make EVERY SONG you sing about guns, and to drag your whole family into it too…

Don’t believe me? Here’s his album track list:

  1. I Like Guns
  2. The Shoot Out
  3. Time To Get a Gun
  4. Pistol In My Hand
  5. Devil’s Right Hand
  6. Gun Shy Dog
  7. Rock Salt and Nails
  8. I’ll Give Up My Gun
  9. Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde
  10. Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
  11. 7 Shells
  12. She Don’t Like Guns

“Mike you’re an asshole” you say. Well good sir, take a gander and his newest videos and tell me you don’t think it’s time he calls it quits:


0:00 – 0:11 – The location of the video is being revealed… Steve and his “band” are in shitty plywood room with taxidermy everywhere.

0:24 – Guitar rack with guns in it… cute.

0:40 – I’ve came to the realization that everyone so far appears to be heavily sedated

0:43 – Not even 1 minute in, and that lady (his wife?) is getting on my nerves… she needs to wash her hair and run a damn comb through it.  Seriously, right now… I’ll wait.

0:58 – Girl in black woke up and started harmonizing

1:32 – “She loved me when I was 22, nothings changed and now i’m 45”  <—- ah I see what you did there

1:42 – Jean jacket girl with shotgun shell bandoleer puts bow to lever action

1:48 – Steve starts actin a fool and muzzle sweeping everyone behind the camera

1:53 – Faking some slide guitar on some type of rifle.. Remington 7615 maybe?

2:17 – Uh Oh.. the Xanax kicked in.

2:19 – Harmony chick is back.. fierce as ever

2:29 – Hippy sweater chick pretends to play the harmonica from this point on

2:52 – “Is this song almost over? I need a bump.”

2:58 – Wide angle shot of shitty plywood room.

If you’re not already trying to puncture your ear drums with a round of .223, then take a listen to his other new song:

Seriously, they “tour”, and have a bus?

Also, what makes the album so special that anyone would want to spend $29 on it?!

By all means, if you like his music then buy a copy – HERE

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go work on my songs about my life as an owner of multiple Glocks… Expect the album to drop in a few months :P


20 responses to “Steve Lee Is Officially Monotonous”

  1. Thanks for having the guts to say it! LOL. I thought I was alone in that thought…

  2. My issue with Steve Lee is that he’s totally fine with Australia’s draconian gun laws. I’m not making this up – he said so during an interview with Tom Gresham for his show Gun Talk.

    1. He didn’t say that, (I just listened to the interview) he said he found them workable (which they are providing you don’t want a semi-auto).
      Things are different here everyone who owns a gun here legally has to find them workable.
      Listen to my interview with him, I think you will find a different story.

      1. My apologies, then. That’s the message I took away from the audio, which admittedly I listened to in the car. I’ll take a listen to your interview, when I have a chance (I’m typing this on a public use computer in library – I don’t want to disturb the peace and quiet here).

      2. Might have to find them ‘workable’ but that doesn’t mean everybody likes it! Particularly as punishing law-abiding firearm owners does bugger-all to stop criminals – which was the *stated* reason for the laws in ’96.

        And why shouldn’t we have semi autos for something like Service Rifle competitions and be able to compete on the same footing as the rest of the planet?

  3. Mike,
    You have your facts mixed up a bit.

    The album I like guns was a concept album and he had the idea way before it went viral on the internet.

    Steve is in a family band called The Lee’s which were around long before I Like Guns, he didn’t sing gun songs before it and did it seperate from The Lee’s who were a successful country touring band in Australia.

    Steve is a huge supporter of shooter and hunters rights in Australia and as such he decided to write an album entirely about guns and every album he sells he donates a portion to The Shooter’s & Fishers Party ( who are our only real chance of maintaining our freedoms as gun owners and trying to win us back more freedoms. In my state in NSW The Shooter’s and Fishers Party has two elected members in the Upper House of Parliament (known as the NSW Legislative Council.).

    So you have really screwed this blog up in my opinion, put the cart before the horse and are incredibly unfair on Steve, who is one of the only ones who has taken the plight of shooters to the Australian Media. I have an interview with Steve the week his album was released and it was recorded the day (or the day after) his video I Like Guns was uploaded on YouTube. Link to the podcast:

    Anyway mate it would be good if you at least got the facts straight before you criticize the guy. We don’t have any Ted Nugent’s or Charlton Heston’s in Australia so demeaning the guy doesn’t help us one bit.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I never stated any facts in the post. It was an opinion post, and I stand by my opinion. I think the songs I’ve heard after “I like guns” are weak.

      Criticism or not, posts like this do a lot more good than bad for people. Hundreds of thousands of visitors per month that come here have the chance of seeing it. I included the album link if people happen to disagree with my opinion (which might be a lot of you guys).

      I’ll check out that interview of yours when I have time.

    2. “So you have really screwed this blog up in my opinion”


  4. I think the only Steve Lee song I like is I like guns. He seems like a good guy though every time I’ve seen him online, so if he wants to make a couple of bucks off of his recent internet fame, I can’t fault him for it.

    As far as country music goes this is better than 90% of the current pop drivel (but I hate modern country…so I’m not the audience for either one)

  5. michael Avatar

    I agree with Keith on this. In Australia our gun rights don’t cling to a bill of rights, so we as firearm owners have to fight continually to keep our guns. So when we have a bloke who likes guns and supports our shooters party buy making songs about them, i say whats wrong with that?
    Would rather hear about pro gun songs then mindless rap music that promotes murder and drugs.

  6. Honestly, the dude does seem pretty nice, which is why I really don’t buy that album cover.

    Hey, it’s a blog, it’s Mike’s blog, he can pretty say whatever he wants. I usually find whatever he says pretty dang funny. Don’t get too riled up over satire.

  7. HA.. yea those songs are pretty bad. I find is surprising that he tours too, and appears to have sponsors.

    I also found it interesting how he talked about keeping “guns under the bed” that he could load up when he heard noises in the night. I’m no authority on the topic, but it sounds to me like a violation of Australian safe storage laws.

  8. Chill out dude!

  9. Are the rest of his songs as lyrically elementary and hard on the ears as these gun songs? If these were supposed to be comical, then I’d get it, but I don’t think they’re supposed to be. Seriously, these are really bad! They are the epitome of corny, and they are terrible. Of course, if he had any talent, he’d be performing in America. Right, Keith Urban, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton John, etc. etc…

  10. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    I’m not crazy about the tune but the production value was pretty darn good. The song sounds very tongue-in-cheek to me – cute. I don’t see anything really bad going on there.

  11. Holy crap. When I posted before I must have done it from the main screen because I didn’t see the “Gun Shy Dog” video. That was more mind-blowingly stupid than I ever could have imagined. I’m amazed that this guy can get the production values that he does, because his songs are terrible. There’s so much more I’d like to say but I’m at a loss for words because of the sheer ridiculous of that. That song, and performance, is one of those you like to watch on American Idol because it’s so bad… You’re definitely not going to Hollywood dog

    1. because of the sheer ridiculous of that.


  12. I have a hard time saying anything bad about and Aussie, even if I don’t like his music. There are plenty of musicians who make music far far worse than this and still people fall all over them for some reason. As far as the comment about if he was any good he would be playing in America, artists come over here because they are marketable not necessarily because they are good (Keith Urban, Kylie Minogue, Olivia Newton John, etc. etc…).

    1. I’ll concede that there are some worse, but “far far worse,” no. You can’t get that much worse. And when we consider the production costs that must be involved in making these videos and albums, it’s shocking that someone of such little talent can manage it.

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