Homemade Pulse Laser Gun Does Some Damage

From the description:

This gun holds a q-switched Nd:YAG laser head.
After charging the capacitors (takes about 4 secs.), it fires an intense 1 MW blast of invisible infrared 1064nm light! The pulse-duration is somewhere around 100ns…no chance to get the impacts with a normal camera.

NICE! I wonder what the range on that badboy is?


9 responses to “Homemade Pulse Laser Gun Does Some Damage”

  1. no way.. this is awesome, when is he going to up size this prortype :D

  2. Uh,… this is far superior to the wicked lasers… to instantly char wood or blow a hole through plastic,.. that wicked laser has to set on a object for a moment before it pops… this is definitlely along the lines of a ‘blaster’.

    I would like to take this device to a liberal protest and start researching its capabilities.

  3. Huh. I honestly did not think I would see effective man-portable laser weapon systems within my lifetime… Not saying this qualifies, but it is a significant step in the right direction.

    1. Cameron Avatar

      Oh, I’m sure this definitely qualifies. To instantly char wood and blast through plastic like that, it’s gotta be EXCRUCIATING to get hit with.

    2. That’s why technology is awesome. The more we develop, the more we can develop. It’s just an ever increasing speed. Could you tell the difference between the technology of the 1400s and the technology of the 1700s? There isn’t much. We’ve made more leaps in the past 20 years than we ever have throughout our entire history.

  4. Perturbo Avatar

    Explain to me what the point of this was…

    I have seen homemade blue lasers do the same at a greater distance. Notice he was very close to the target when he activated his laser.



    1. Cameron Avatar

      Again, notice how you have to hold the laser on target for quite a while for it to have any effect? This is pretty much instantaneous.

  5. It looks like a hand held hair dryer (with a hidden flashlight)