Loudmouth Douchebag Doesn’t Like Gun Safety Checks

I thought the guy from the Taking The AK-47 Out For A Stroll Open Carry Style video I posted a few days ago was a loudmouth douche, but that still didn’t affect my opinion on how I support his right to open carry.

Well the following video you are about to watch is from the same guy:

Interesting school of thought… i’d prefer die of old age, and not kill anyone.  To each their own though.

Some people… *head shake*


29 responses to “Loudmouth Douchebag Doesn’t Like Gun Safety Checks”

  1. Hizenburg Avatar

    I say do the check no matter what for the video or whatever, I say do it on the video because it portrays us all as being more responsible with the weapon, but it IS your choice to do what you want.

  2. Dutch Vanders Avatar
    Dutch Vanders

    And this guy continues to cast gun owners in a bad light.

  3. I agree with your assessment. the man is indeed a douchebag

  4. I hate how he does have a valid point, but I like how this is tagged with douchebag.

  5. 032125 Avatar

    It KILLS me to say this, because he is indeed a douche, but I have to agree. We know that for safety and political reasons gun culture has a very strict and well defined set of best practices that we repeat over and over like a rosary or mantra. We also know that in a range setting this would be totally unacceptable.

    It’s over the top to do this with a loaded weapon, but the on camera safety checks are generally unnecessary theatrics; a sort of secret handshake to other gun lovers.

  6. But, like he said, he could have had SIX babies tied up off-screen!

  7. huey148 Avatar

    he does make a point…badly…

    I make slip with a curse word once in a while when I make a video, but the consistent use of profanity and insulting people he doesn’t even know is just unprofessional and makes him look like a fool. There is another guy that has a youtube channel that, while I generally like and agree with most of what he covers, drops the F bomb like crazy too..just does not make him look credible.

    And yes, i do safety check in my vids as well…more to do with reinforcing the act to someone watching that maybe does not have that much experience in handling a firearm but is willing to learn from others examples.

    And when he points the 1911 at the camera which he must be behind…stupid..violation of rule 2

  8. Not a fan of the way he presents it, but his point’s a good one – there’s no need to safety check firearms *in* the video (though obviously there are certain benefits, like if the video is seen by a new gun owner, etc). I’d say the easiest solution would be to just say “hey, to save time, I’ve gone though and safety checked all these guns I’m using for this video”, or something of that nature…
    But even then, I clear every gun I pick up, so I shouldn’t talk. :-D

    1. Jon Vanders Avatar
      Jon Vanders

      Even if he’s right about safety checks on video this is the wrong way to address the issue. It’s unfunny, it’s crass, and it trivializes gun safety.

  9. hector muertez Avatar
    hector muertez

    im hoping this guy discharges a hydroshock into that hillbelly head of his soon

    1. BigBen Avatar

      … as long as he doesn’t hit any of those tied up babies!!!

  10. This guy is a superdouche.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Creepy video!

    2. Jon Vanders Avatar
      Jon Vanders

      You know, I used to think that main streaming firearms was a good thing. Now I’m not so sure. It’s guys like that act like this who make the rest of us look like a bunch of mouth breathing rednecks. No matter how good the rest of us try to act and try to look, it’s these guys who we will be judged by in the media and in the public sphere.

      Now I’m not suggesting that this gives the rest of us permission to act like an unsafe dickbags with firearms or be a complete prick. No. I’m just saying that it’s our responsibility as firearms owners to distance ourselves and our community from creepy assholes like this dude. We need to continue speaking out and make it clear that this guy does not represent the rest of us. Otherwise we will simply regain our reputation for being a bunch of paramilitary militia rednecks who are nothing more than a danger to ourselves and anyone who lives within a 2km radius of us.

      1. bruce bessler Avatar
        bruce bessler

        hear hear, but at least until Obama makes us “Global” he has his rights to be an idiot.

  11. Mike Wilburt Avatar
    Mike Wilburt

    I can’t shake the feeling that, at some point in the future, we will be seeing this guy’s videos on the news after he was arrested or taken down by SWAT at the scene of a mass shooting.

    1. That’s my thought too

  12. This guy is a real genius, and a real class act.

  13. I would think it would suffice at the beginning of a video to mention that any necessary safety checks had been completed. He has a point but receives an epic fail on presentation.

  14. Priest Avatar

    not to sound bad, but…yo know when he was making the voices about “oh no, there is a bullet in it!”?
    Normally I would use a word like “infantile” to describe a voice like that, but I am hard pressed not to use the word “gay”.

  15. Here’s the thing. Most gun owners really don’t have a lot of gun knowledge. There’s a vast amount of Americans that own firearms (especially handguns) but have no real knowledge of safe gun handling. They know what they’ve seen in the movies.
    I live in a very pro gun state and many of my friends and coworkers are gun owners. I would estimate that half of them have never shot their handguns or have not shot more than one box of ammo through their guns. Many of those that are prior military have not shot in years.
    A lot of people watch YouTube and every time someone does a safety check on their vid it reenforces the idea that checking your firearm is the right thing to do. Those of us that are into guns know how to handle them for the most part but the novice needs to see the proper way to behave.
    With that said I do believe that if you make a video then it’s your business. Safety check or not. It’s up to you but you do more for the gun community and our cause when you show responsibility and safety.

    1. bruce bessler Avatar
      bruce bessler

      are you trying to be serious? I hope not. Most gun owners are hunters/military or former/law enforcement. Very few people that have no gun knowledge care to own them, yet alone walk down the street one day and think to themselves, heck I think I will go buy a gun.

      1. You’re wrong.
        Most gun owners are hunters, ex military or law enforcement? Let’s see some numbers.
        We have between 70-80 million gun owners in America. I would be very suprised if even half are hunters, ex military or law enforcement (BTW, how many cops do you think we have in America?). Just being a hunter or prior military doesn’t mean you know a thing about your firearms other than loading and shooting them in the general direction of the target. How many times have we shooters (not gun owners but shooters) seen people at the range that had no clue as to what they were doing? How many times have we seen people at the range waving muzzles around, violating every safety rule in the book and not knowing how to operate their firearms?
        I will say that most of the hunters, ex military and law enforcement types that I know are ok with their firearms but they do not make up the vast majority of gun owners in America.
        BTW, just because someone served in the army in 1950 doesn’t mean he’s competent with his handguns today. I’ve seen these ex military guys that haven’t shot a gun in decades and their skills and safety are lacking.
        Those of us that shoot regularly get used to the skill levels of our peers. Most people don’t shoot on a regular basis (if they ever did) and have no real skills. Don’t believe me? Spend some time a pistol range that caters to the general public and I think you’ll change your opinion after a few hours.

  16. Dat prosterior Avatar
    Dat prosterior

    What the hell is a safety check? Just being careful ought to be enough.

    And this guy needs an attitude adjustment. I’ve got a Check for you. A Curb Check.

  17. bruce bessler Avatar
    bruce bessler

    take away his semi autos and give him six shooters instead. This is the guy that gives Brady group credibility

  18. wow I would love to bitch slap this guy.. he is a true Douchebag!

  19. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    Although I don’t approve of the adversrrial nature of his poresentation, I do agree with the point he’s trying to make. any more, I usually keep my finger on my mouse to try and get past the re unontentionally condecending

    1. John Fritz Avatar
      John Fritz

      Oops! Anyway, I try to avoid listening to every single person in the world who is making a video where a gun is being handled advise me on how to make sure the gun isn’t loaded. It’s unnecessary and redundant. Even if you insist on clearing your gun at the beginning of the video, please spare everyone from your editorial of what it is you’re doing. That would make things a little less painful to watch.