Teddy Roosevelt Shooting Bigfoot


This picture is only rivaled in awesomeness by the artists previous picture of Abraham Lincoln Riding A Grizzly Bear Holding a M-16


10 responses to “Teddy Roosevelt Shooting Bigfoot”

  1. Teddy Roosevelt; racist turd and genocidal egomaniac, planter of the seeds of WWII. Read “Imperial Cruise”.

  2. Schroeder Avatar

    It would only be cooler If ol Ted was shooting him with a MA-Duce!!!!

  3. Schroeder Avatar

    032125, I hope your Man Vegetables fall off and you catch Pneumonia, you commie hugging, baby killing, Keith Urban jean wearing hippie. They have a name for people like you……C*ck S%$ker. Your momma should have drowned you in the tub when she had the chance! Now get off of my porch I payed for the pizza!

    1. …get off of my porch I payed for the pizza…

      Grab your dictionary and look up “payed.” You won’t find it… It’s not a word… I’m not going to address all the other errors in your comment, but somewhere out there is a remedial English class that you should join.

      1. Dr. Prep Avatar
        Dr. Prep

        the grammar police are on the scene

  4. I wish he was wielding a BAR, that would be more period correct.

  5. Huh, interesing, two presidents that ignored the Constition be cheered just because they are carrying guns. Linclon suspended Due Process,and Roosvelt was a progressive with his Bullmoose Party,then stoled the land out West for the “people”.

    Now when you have Jefferson, Madison, or Coolidge with a weapon,then I’ll cheer.

    1. Agreed. Or Jackson

  6. is it just me or does that M-16, look a lot more like a M-60? Note the by-pod, and the fore stock and the belt feeding from the left. ect. ect. ect.

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