Glock With Extended Clips & High Capacity Magazine

Source: Sigforum


12 responses to “Glock With Extended Clips & High Capacity Magazine”

  1. Awesome stuff!

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  3. I’m emailing this to Carolyn McCarthy this instant! No civilian can be trusted with that much collation! Only the government is allowed to fuck up mass amounts of paperwork at one time.

  4. ahahahahah hilarious.

  5. I want to email you guys in image of an upcoming popular game, Crysis 2, that calls their mags “extended clips”. How do I get the image to yah? I don’t see an email link :(

  6. I don’t know why this was the first thing i noticed but… hooray for the .45!

  7. Kevin Delaney Avatar
    Kevin Delaney

    Kick ass….. thats all i got.

  8. Antibubba Avatar

    Not for me–those aftermarket mags are just too unreliable!

  9. knowing my luck the mag would catch fire!

  10. That might even be more reliable than that last Promag I got.

  11. Am I seeing this right? Do Glocks now come field/trauma kits? The clips to put the hand back together, and the magazine to secure it?

  12. Euge D' Savoy Avatar
    Euge D’ Savoy

    Not sure which is funnier, the great satirical photo and disclaimer or allt he gun paraphernalia ads.