No Weapon Signs To Stop Criminals

From the description:

Gun-related crime and accidents are a pressing issue across the country-violence affects us all. A No Weapons Sign and a bold graphic gives a stern warning that violence is not tolerated. A sign can warn visitors that such activity is illegal, even when you are not there.

Signs so bold, that the criminals shake in their boots. LOL

Check them out for some laughs – HERE


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  1. *facepalm*

    I want a No Idiots sign. Probably be just as effective.

    1. Christine Avatar


  2. Stop! Or I’ll say stop again!

  3. The Other Steve Avatar
    The Other Steve

    It’s a good thing I consider my guns and knives tools, this way I can just circumvent the whole no weapons allowed signs.

  4. Good thing in FL those signs mean diddly squat!!!

    1. Toadstone Avatar

      Yup, they mean nothing in Texas, either. My CHL instructor joked that these signs mean that they don’t allow little drawings of guns inside.

  5. I thought they were joke signs before I read their sight; now that I know they’re serious, I cannot stop laughing!

  6. Here in Iowa the signs don’t mean anything at all either. If you are carrying a weapon, the owner can ask you to leave the property. If you do not, you can be charged with trespassing, same as any other reason.

  7. Check the McGruff poster in the bottom line. Did they just ripped off Eddie Eagle?

    And the Spanish versions are so poorly translated my eyes are bleeding.

  8. Google “St. Clair sign builder” and you can make PDF Ansi industrial signs. You have to use their
    iconography, but the image library is extensive, the utility is free, and you can use any
    text you want. You can really have a ball making your own wacky signs.

  9. Wow, it’s like those sings have mythical powers to stop violence or something! Now I feel like a dumba$$ for wasting $500 on a gun.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You should find a different gate to go in that doesn’t have a sign near it. :P

  10. Dr. Feelgood Avatar
    Dr. Feelgood

    “All Packages Must Be Examined By Guard”

    Well that happened to me at the airport just the other day.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)


    2. Dr. Feelgood wins the internets today…..

    3. I saw that sign once in the Bouncer alcove of a gay bar.

      1. Care to tell us your stories of being at the gay bar? Hmmm? Enlighten us.

  11. If these signs worked, how come the supporters aren’t trying to replace every lawman on the planet with them? And why stop there? “War Free Zone!” “SPAM Free Zone!” “Cancer Free Zone!” “Rape by Bigfoot Free Zone!” The possibilities are endless!

    1. Bigfoot rapping sounds like a new extreem sport.

      1. I’d like to see Snoop Dawg come out with a new album, entitled, “Bigfoot Rapping.”
        That’d be funny. Their descriptions remind me of some things in Glenn Beck’s Arguing with idiots book. He had thinks like an m-60 cardboard cutout, a nancy pelosi mask to scare intruders and various other hilarities.

  12. And yet not a one of those signs actually… y’know… works

  13. The fact that there are enough people that think these signs work to make it profitable to sell them tempts me to lose faith in humanity. Too bad the same places that post these are not required to notify their visitors that they are in a funnel of death zone.

  14. JJKavanaugh Avatar

    Aaahhh- Okay folks lets be real here. I just ordered a bunch of these signs… bottom left corner and right edge, 4th down to replace some old one on the perimeter of our property. I’m an Ole’Federale JBT. We don’t expect any bad guy would bother to read these IF they can even read… the idea is to remind our visitors and clients NOT to bring their firearms on federal property. I really do hate standing there while the maintenance guys chop some guy’s Kahr 45 into pieces. Yes, there is A LOT more to that story (3 strikes) but the bottom line is – these were NEVER meant to be directed at some moron trying to do an armed robbery… we’re trying to NOT deal with the guy who just came from taking a 6 point Buck or nice fat Turkey, forgot he had his Remington in the back window and came for an appointment on the way home. That way I CAN deal with the idiot who comes out to rob the next guy when he leave the pharmacy… BTW the one on edge of MY property says, “IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU”RE IN RANGE” that seems to get the attention of most visitors…

    1. The scenarios you just mentioned are all “lawful purposes” for carrying a firearm, and within the frame of the law cited above, would be allowed on the property. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to hear about how some maintenance department got to destroy someone’s property, presumably without a trial. Must feel real good on that high horse.

      1. im at a loss why a guy shouldnt be able to stop in for an appointment after bagging a turkey. why not? he is lawfully carrying a firearm. why should you stop him?

        you wasted your money

        1. Ole'wolf Avatar

          BTW – Once the signs go up they illustrate the federal law that makes carrying firearms onto the property NOT “lawfully” carried. I live in Vermont partially because of the laws concerning firearms…and that’s a No Sh-t statement. Been behind a shield 30 years come Oct 2011… Only way I could make my life anymore complicated is to tho be a Gay-Libertarian-Pagan-Peace officer. Ain’t the first and been the latter three all my adult life.

      2. Ole'wolf Avatar

        Ever had a guy off-his-meds stick that Kahr 45 in you gut and tell you you’re REALLY one of the Nazis he got shot by while he was kicking them out of France? The same guy, a decorated Vet just like me, who was warned twice while he was ON his meds not to keep bringing it back to the hospital ‘cuz it scared the crap out of the nurses? Nor a high horse man – tryin’ my damnedest to KEEP THE PEACER not enforce the law.
        Where I work you gotta be a VET AND an experienced officer just to put on the uniform, then you get training no other police officer ANYWHERE in the nation gets… and what WE’ll do BEFORE cuffing and transporting a suspect makes the local CLEOs puke…

  15. A New York company-Of course. Operating in a seperate realty that believes that a sign will stop criminals.