Light Strike Laser Tag

I like the features, and the guy’s enthusiasm.  The guns look VERY weak though… Almost like someone took a thick sheet of plastic, cut out the general shape of a gun and put stickers it.

I’m glad they at least kept the expected *Pew pew pew* sound.

I can’t find a website, so I don’t have any more info on this.


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  1. Scott Morales Avatar
    Scott Morales

    Light Strike is offered by wowwee robotics, this video was a promotion for product testing and design. mainly done in the UK. they are based to the “paper jams” design plastic coated cardboard with touch sensors. cheap and easy to produce but have a short life expectancy, about the same time before a child gets tired of it. it should be available by august in the US.

  2. I’ve heard about this thing that is similar, you can get realistic guns, launchers grenades and accessories. It’s called airsoft.
    Really though, cool for kids. This would be exactly the kind of thing I’d have wanted when I was about 10 and I would buy for my kids so that I could play with it and not seem silly. If I had any kids anyway.

  3. Julian Avatar

    Airsoft is cool, but not when playing indoors… that’s where nerf or laser tag is required.

    Cheaply made, yes. But I’ll tell you what, I’d rather pay $40 for that if it works right over $60 hasbro had for theirs… and those were very good, too. We’ll see how it stacks up come August

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