Out of all the video games I talked about recently, this one looks like the best.

Make sure you check out the video on the backstory of the game – HERE

You can order it – HERE


4 responses to “Homefront”

  1. I saw the backstory video for this a while ago, and while the game does look solid, and doesn’t have the Activision logo on it anywhere (best feature), I still can’t believe they went with a “Super Korea” plot. It just makes me laugh.

  2. hahaha.. I’ve watched the trailer mid-last year, and when the korean tension happened recently, I kind of remembered this trailer :p
    looks good though..

  3. With John (Dirty Harry, Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn) Milius consulting on the story, I’m at least a little optimistic.

  4. Absolutely. Milius will make this great, and the gameplay looks pretty good. There is a dev video where they play through and talk about the first 10 min of the game. Its looking good.

    I found the Korean story beliveable enough. If you watch all the trailers it is pretty feasable.