Obnoxious Tool Puts Holes In PS3 With A Deagle

A Titanium gold tiger striped Deagle at that:

Seems like he found the ideal gun for his personality.


26 responses to “Obnoxious Tool Puts Holes In PS3 With A Deagle”

  1. To the film maker, thank you, for making the rest of us who have both guns and PS3’s look like morons.

    And I really hope he policed up the pieces of the ps3-but anyone that stupid probably left them in the woods as well.

  2. Ah yes, this was spammed on /k/ ysterday.

  3. ANYONE who would have a Deagle like that, would sell his momma for chump change! Guy has ego bigger than you could take down with a Abraham’s.

    Am I correct in seeing him not get a single round into the PS3 on full auto? Would surprise me…..I couldn’t get a single round into a car door from 25 feet with my Mac 10 .45ACP on full auto. Quick way to waste a LOT of money on ammo for now real effect.

  4. If you read his channel;

    “Disclaimer: I am NOT mentally unstable as I appear to be in my videos. The persona that is presented in my videos is merely something to make people laugh while showing them firearms.”

    Mission Accomplished, I would say. Particularly “Shiny shiny, Call of Duty”.

  5. Dannysaysnoo Avatar


    Oh fuck.


    *stop video, wash hands*

  6. Wow…… I think I just lost several IQ points…. It’s guys like this that give the rest of us a bad name. P.S. Congrats on failing at bump firing to make us think that it is actually full auto.

    Also did anyone else catch that he said it was a Red Jacket AK (the guys from Sons of Guns on Discovery)? Just thought that was a cool tidbit.

    1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
      Aleksandr Mravinsky

      I don’t think he was trying to make us think it was full auto. He said “shoulder bump-firing an AK” or something along those lines.

      But yeah, he does seem like an idiot. So much so that I hope it’s just an act.

  7. Colin Michael Avatar
    Colin Michael

    HAHA everyone get off their high horse and take a sip of this fine, fine entertainment. And he failed at bump firing?

  8. When I started reading the description I thought it was going to be some douche gamer kid. I lol’d so bad when it was CokeMan. I used to have a friend in highschool who talked like that.

  9. WhiskeyMike Avatar

    “Goodnight, Sweet Prince.”

    Looks like they’re giving guns to /b/tards these days.

    1. Mark Cabian Avatar
      Mark Cabian

      Dude… you mean /k/tards?

      /b/ can’t afford a PS3, much less a “Deagle”.

      1. I think you mean /k/ommandos lol and it’s said he lurks /k/ a lot.

  10. Eightbyte Avatar

    Yeah, he’s a trollin’. And I give him less obnoxious points for trolling than for actually being like that.
    Also, with how Sony’s been handling the PS3 situation lately, I’d say this was justified.
    ( http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/tag/playstation-3/ — if you don’t know what I’m talking about )

    1. I don’t blame Sony. The government gives them the power to pursue this.

      1. Eightbyte Avatar

        Just because the government allows them, is by no means a reason to.

  11. Patton once referred to a pistol like that, he called it a “pimp pistol.”
    It was not a compliment.

    A red jacket AK, a gold plated DE .50AE (not that there is anything wrong with these), this…..fellow has more money than class.

  12. Really getting tired of everything thinking that ANYONE with a Desert Eagle is a pimp or has a masculinity issue. Some of us are just normal people JUST LIKE YOU ALL WITH GLOCKS AND 1911s!

    1. The DE doen’t make it a pimp pistol, its the gold plating.

      In Pattons case, a reporter ask him if the stocks on his pistol were mother of pearl; Patton quickly corrected the reporter that the stocks were ivory, and only a pimp would have mother of pearl stock on a pistol.

  13. To the author of the website.

    This guy on youtube is a satirist so chill out, he actually isn’t that stupid.

    1. Mark Cabian Avatar
      Mark Cabian

      Yes, he is.

      1. Colin Michael Avatar
        Colin Michael

        Oh really? seems to me hes making jokes about the stereotypes. The thing that pisses me off most about the gun culture i so love is the tools who never were in the military but act like they were “operators” and the gus who never take a joke and serious about everything. Lighten the fuck up and stop being such pansies.

  14. this guy sucks

  15. No. He is actually an idiot. I watched a few other videos of his. Some rich kid moron.

  16. that was the loudest suppressed rifle i think ive every heard, well besides the 50bmg and the Anzio 20mm

    1. I think in one of his other vids he talks about it being a perm barrel extension until he can sbr it.

      1. yeah i just saw that Red Racket sells them that way for non-nfa people. but it did seem to have a lot of blast coming from the ejection port, unless its an optical illusion