Gun Of A Sculptured Soldier Considered A Firearm

Canadian tourist Ken Lloyd bought the nine-inch model soldier holding a replica SA80 rifle during a visit to the Royal Signals Museum at Blandford Camp, Dorset.

But when he tried to take the #135 keepsake through Gatwick Airport in his hand luggage it triggered a security alert at the scanners.

Officials declared the moulded gun could not go on the plane because it was a ‘firearm’.

Full Story – HERE

*Phew* Thank god they’re paying attention in London. God knows what could have happened on that flight.


2 responses to “Gun Of A Sculptured Soldier Considered A Firearm”

  1. Even if it were a “firearm,” it’s clearly not a dangerous one because it lacks a little thing known to the firearms industry, as a “trigger!”

    Man some people are idiots!!!!

  2. Antibubba Avatar

    More follies from (formerly) Great Britain.