Ring For EMOs Lets You Shoot Your Finger Off


NOTE: The video was removed from youtube, so either the ATF booted down the Emo’s door, shot his dog and took his computer… or else maybe he just got wind of the AOW he made (as pointed out by Miguel in the comments) and deleted it to avoid trouble.

You’ll lose a finger.. but the plus is you’ll get so much attention.

Seriously though, Ideas like this make me cringe.

I like the track they used in the video.. pretty raw. Does that make me part emo? Shit I hope not.


13 responses to “Ring For EMOs Lets You Shoot Your Finger Off”

  1. That song would sound damn good in a strip club.

  2. Yeah not really an emo song. Not enough incoherent screaming.

  3. I think they will get quite emotive when the ATF decides to have a chat for building/possessing an AOW without the proper stamps.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Holy I think you’re right. I didn’t realize that when I typed the post up.

  4. I have seen a lot of stupid shit no the internet but this takes it to a new level…

  5. VIdeo is down already?!?!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      ugh brutal! Someone probably blew the top off that AOW thing that Miguel mentioned and youtubEMO got scared..

  6. Say, Mike, how do I add a picture next to my name for when I post comments? I also see people with bold letters for their name. How do I do that?

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      Admin (Mike)

      The picture you have to set up at gravatar.com . The black letters are only added to people that enter their website in the field when they comment.

  7. Can anybody please explain what the heck this was supposed to be?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You put the rimfire cartridge in the chamber of the ring.. screwed the cap on and then pulled the elastic tensioned firing pin back. The firing pin would strike the cartridge and fire the bullet into your finger. Smart, right? :roll:

  8. That little emo kid should use it as a different type of “ring” in order to prevent him from reproducing!

  9. Not a bad idea a bullet ring just need to flip that design around and make it go off when a certain amount of pressure is applied to it, make you think twice about kissing someones ring.